World Amateur Chess Championship
Saloni Sapale, of Std.10th, stood second in the World Amateur Chess Championship held at Singapore from 25th April to 5th May.She was awarded a silver medal It was her first international championship. Saloni's final score was 6.5/9. With this performance she will get the title ' Women Candidate Master '.

National Sub-Junior Swimming competition held at Panaji , Goa
Sahil Gangote of Std V emerged victorious with four medals at the 30th National Sub-Junior Swimming competition which concluded at Panaji , Goa recently. Sahil Gangote bagged two gold and silver medals along with individual championship.

Sahil completed the 50 meter butterfly race in 33.04 seconds creating a new record. In the 50 meter back stroke event, Sahil completed the race in 36.21 seconds while the 200 meter race was completed in 2:47.16 seconds.

Mr Ashok Gunjal our PTI was awarded a District level Trophy . This trophy is awarded to one coach per year from all the sports arena.

Atman Mehta of VPMS, Pune is selected to Play in the Under 16 FC Bayern Youth Cup(India).

YouTube Spacelab

Devesh Narayanan

Spacelab is a worldwide competition for Physicists aged between 15 to 18 years, organised by the National Aeronautic Space Agency (NASA), European Space Agency (ESA), Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and the Russian Cosmonauts Agency (RCA). Participants would have to design experiments that would run in microgravity conditions, and the winning experiments would be actually carried out in the International Space Station (ISS). A short video had to be uploaded on to YouTube, after which it would be sent to NASA for selection. The Judges panel included eminent physicists such as Prof. Stephen Hawking, Walter Lennings and Micheo Kaku.

For the competition, Devesh designed 5 experiments each addressing various unproven hypotheses in Physics: Angiogenesis in Space, Geotropism in Space, Superdiamagnetism, Space Based Solar power and the Twin Paradox.

Of the five, three experiments were selected to the top 20:

1) Angiogenesis in Space : Aims to find pro-angiogenic drugs that could be given to astronauts when they go into Space.
2) Space Based Solar Power: Aims to find whether it would be commercially viable to harness solar energy from outer Space.
3) The Twin Paradox: Aims to prove that travel at proportions of the speed of light slows down the biological process of ageing.

The final results will be declared on 3rd January, 2012. The winner would get a trip to NASA as well as Two years’ training at the Russian Cosmonauts Agency.

Hamsa Padmanabhan bestowed with the honour of having a minor planet named after her

We are proud to announce that one of our ex-students Hamsa Padmanabhan of the 2004-2005 batch has been bestowed with the celestial honour of having a minor planet, Code Number 21575, being named 'Hamsa' after her. This honour has been bestowed upon her by Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) Lincoln Laboratory for her presentation at the Intel International Science and Engineering fair (ISEF) in 2006.
Congratulations dear Hamsa!!!