Important Celebrations

Republic Day 2013
The Republic Day was celebrated with great fervour and patriotism on the 26th of January, 2013, Saturday, on the school ground. The programme began with the singing of the School Prayer – Agyaan ke Andheron se. The Prefect on Duty then welcomed the dignitaries, staff, parents and students to the 64th Republic Day celebrations. She spoke about the significance of the day and the celebrations that take place in the capital and all over India, to mark this special day. The chairman Dr. Ashok Patil then unfurled the National Flag and the students saluted the flag and sang the National Anthem. A second year MBA student of PCMRD then gave a speech in English, which was followed by a rousing rendition of a medley of patriotic songs by the students of Stds. V-VII. It was followed by a skit in Hindi on Gurujeevan- a bravery award winner. This was enacted brilliantly by the students of Stds. IV and V. As the culmination of the programme, a skit on corruption was performed by the students of Std. XI A, which was appreciated by all present. The Chairman Dr. Ashok Patil then shared his views with us and all the students, staff and parents took an oath to uphold the dignity of women and to give women equal status in society.
As a fitting finale to the programme, the students sang the Vande Mataram with passion and enthusiasm. Sweets were then distributed to all the students.

I firmly believe that all human beings are created equal;
Every woman is somebody’s mother, daughter, sister or wife;
I accept the fact that women are partners in progress and development;
I will respect every woman and uphold her dignity;
I shall not verbally, physically or emotionally abuse any woman;
I shall fight all sorts of oppression and discrimination against women;
As a woman, I will give equal opportunities to all my children in all aspects of life;
I will strive to create awareness about all human rights including women’s and children’s rights and responsibilities;
I will endeavour to be a responsible citizen of India and we, together, can transform India into a safe, secure and socially responsible Nation.