Lower Primary School

Lower Primary School Coordinator

Sharvari Bandivadekar


Ignite             Integrate             Illuminate


  1. Ignite the passion for learning by providing highest quality education in a safe, secure and nurturing environment.

  2. Help each child to have confident possession of her innate talents, imbibe and integrate skills necessary for academic progress and establish values that will allow her to act with respect and empathy.

  3. Empower the students’ to build an overall personality by providing opportunities for independent and creative thinking through an umbrella of activities: academics, extra curricular activities and special events.

  4. Create a challenging learning environment by raising the bars ofexcellence in all arenas, instructions will cater to different learning styles and individual differences.

  5. Foster a caring and creative environment by the teachers who will act as role models for moulding impeccable behaviour and attitude.

The Lower Primary Team


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