Cultural Learning

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E   M   O   T   E

E  X  P  R  E  S  S

E   X   H   I   B   I   T

 E      V      O      L      V      E


  1. To provide a creative environment to the learner to experience the richness and depth of human expression in all its forms through dance, drama, music and art 

  2. To equip students with the ability to explore the gold hidden beneath the surface; their innate talents

  3. To facilitate the free flow of emotions through creative expression while extending learning beyond the text

  4. To help learners connect their everyday experiences and enhance life skills 

  5. To evoke imagination and help the students evolve as critical/creative thinkers 

Sheetal Upadhye

The Cultural Learning Team


Over The Years

Heal the World, 2011

A musicale depicting the perils of the world and how students can help spread a word to heal.

The Circus, 2012

Creating a live circus on stage with around 160 students, giving the message 'Save Animals'

A Farmer's Tale of Woe, 2013

Depicting the precarious conditions of the Indian farmers and how they are driven to suicide

Colours of the World, 2014

Based on Newton's Theory, this play was a glimpse of various countries and continents depicting the importance of maintaining harmony in the world

Heaven is a Place on Earth, 2015

The path breaker act for the Silver Jubilee Celebration of the school. This play was a wholesome treat that encompassed dance, drama and music

The Unsung Battle of 1962 (A tribute to Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat), 2016

A tale laced with bravado that depicted the life of a true blue soldier 

Kalam Ko Salaam, 2017

A journey through the life of 'India's Missile Man' that ignited young minds and souls to his teachings

Limbitless, 2017

An inspirational story of Jessica Cox who was born without arms but went on to fight all odds and become the world's first licensed armless pilot. 

Lion King, 2018

The story of Mufasa and Simba's Pride Rock, retold by the tiny tots of the Primary Section

Paws for a Cause, 2018

The humorous yet heart touching story of an abandoned dog who was adopted by the children of an orphanage 

Tribe Vibe, 2018

Bringing the rhythmic moves and vibrant colours of the Indian tribes to life

Sur Malhar, 2018

A drama on the evolution of Hindustani Classical Music with enchanting classical dances and soulful bhajans which culminated with a breathtaking live rendition of Raag Deepak and Raag Malhar by Miya Tansen 

King of Pop, 2018

The musical tribute to the greatest ever, Michael Jackson, through his record breaking numbers. Be it, the heart wrenching story of his childhood, the live songs sung by the band or the captivating superhuman dance moves like the moonwalk and the lean, rendered the audience speechless

The Republic Day Processional Parade

Every year, the Republic Day is celebrated with great pomp and vigour, through the processional parade by the students. Four floats, decorated in the theme of four different Indian States, move through the busy streets of the city to spread the message of Unity in Diversity


Cultural Achievements

Powada on the life of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam 

  • First Prize at Bal Shikshan Mandir Group Singing Competition 

  • First Prize at Sanskriti School Group Singing Competition 

  • First Consolation Prize at Indira International School Group Singing Competition 

  • First Prize Solo Singing at SNBP School 


Powada on the life of Padmashree Dr Vithalrao Vikhe Patil 

  • Second Prize Solo Singing at SNBP School 

Sada Ho Vande Mataram (A tribute to the martyrs of our country who laid their lives for their motherland)

  • 1st Prize and cash prize of Rs 2000/- at Vidya Bhavan Group Singing Competition 

Boond (A mime on the journey of water and the perils that man would face without it)

  • First Runners Up Prize and cash prize of Rs 3000/- at the Inter School Theatre Festival organized by Tree Public Foundation