Libraries Are Sacred Time Machines Where Knowledge Flows And Magic Is Eternal – Mari Barnes


The mission of Dr. Vikhe Patil Memorial School Library is to inspire and empower students to become life-long readers and skilled researchers.

The library collection is current, which provides users with information that will meet their various educational needs. Students are encouraged to read to enhance their learning experience, as well as for enjoyment, in order to continually improve their intellectual development.



The library has nearly 14,000 resources for use by students, teachers and all other staff members. The collection mainly comprises of print resources – picture books, easy readers, fiction, non-fiction, biography and reference books.
In addition we have periodicals like – National Geographic, Down to Earth, Scientific American, Dalal Street Investment Journal, Wildlife to name a few. Apart from this the English and Marathi newspapers are also available in the library for updates in current affairs.

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