On 16th March 2022, while India observed the 28th National Vaccination Day, students of std. IX C at Vikhe Patil Memorial School celebrated it in the series of ‘Perform to Transform’. ‘Perform to transform’ is a platform to showcase the hidden talents of the students of the School. The platform was started under the immense guidance and leadership of principal Mrinalini which premiered on YouTube.
‘Vaccination’ is a word that has come into the limelight very recently due to the ongoing pandemic. The creativity and intellect of human beings force us to advance in each and every field and explore beyond the limited knowledge of today. Vaccines are a product of these innate qualities in every human. They are not only one of the most rapid ascents in the medical industries but are also great messiahs which save thousands of lives every year.
Every year 16th March is celebrated as National Vaccination Day in India to mark the first dose of the oral in the year 1995 in India. After 17 years, polio is on the verge of extinction just because of the vaccine. A decade ago, on January 13, 2011, India reported its last case of polio.
The program began with an introductory slide followed by a prayer thanking God for giving strength to cheer the victory of ourselves and others too. A thought for the day with its explanation and some stunning facts on vaccination were also shared.
Hustle bustle is returning to school after schools resumed to offline mode, and so the program started with the school hustle bustle at Vikhe Patil Memorial School. It then continued with a discussion taking place amongst the students who were able to see each other after a long gap of two years, mainly because they were vaccinated. The sections which followed emphasized the importance of vaccination in our lives along with the fascinating hobbies taken up by the students during the lockdown period. Children also emphasised on contribution of Pune’s pride and the Vaccine champion – Adar Poonawala in the COVID 19 Vaccine manufacturing.
The program ended with a song and a dance composed by the talented artists of IX C to pass on the message on the ‘shot of hope.’ Vaccines have a massive impact in our lives. Vaccination is crucial to improving public health and life expectancy standards and elevating social and economic impact at the community and national levels. Vaccination Day upholds the spirit of the importance of health in our lives and encourages thousands more to prevent themselves from various diseases through vaccines.

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