Resource Person: Krishna Acharya.

Mr Krishna Acharya of Childline India Foundation, which was started at the initiative of TATA INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SCIENCE, MUMBAI, in 1996, is a nodal agency of Union Ministry of Women and Child Development, acting as a parent organisation for setting up, managing, and monitoring the CHILDLINE 1098 services all over India.
Today Mr Acharya made the students aware of the social and emotional issues faced by the children and the help that Childline India provides to them. He also educated the students of the prevailing vulnerabilities while dealing with online sessions and the threats that the students have on the online platform. He made the students aware by showing simple animated clips and explained the threats and the terminology, he also explained to the students how to deal with these threats.
The students were able to understand the threats and were very eager to participate in the online quiz which they could attempt and procure a badge and a certificate.
It was a very informative session, and it will help the students to handle the present issues while working on online platform.

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