Resource Person: – Ms. Sucheta Mithari
‘The evolution of the brain is the most obvious example of how we evolve to adapt.’ Adaptive skills help an individual to transform to the required dimensions quickly based on the situational demands. It’s a natural skill that can be developed and practiced.To promote this skill among the students at the Upper Primary level of VPMS,an interactive session titled ‘Evolve to Adapt’ was crafted for the 4th grade students.
The resource person, Sucheta Mithari, school counselor for primary section introduced the topic by relating it to the various new normal ways of living we have adapted because of the Pandemic.
In light of the uncertainty of this time, she encouraged students to address the challenges they face.
Furthermore, the resource person highlighted upon various emotions like disappointment, frustration, anxiety, and anger that have multiplied following the outbreak of the pandemic. Tips, techniques & ways to calm the mind were covered during the course of session. In addition, the importance of maintaining ones emotional health during this challenging time was also discussed. The session also included an interactive fun-based problem-solving activity
where the students touched upon the complex concept of ‘Circle of Control’. The session concluded by summarizing about ways to embrace the change with patience to match the need of the hour! The students’ enthusiastic participation indicated that the session was well received! Sucheta Mithari

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