As part of Month end activity for the month of October a guest lecture by an eminent scholar ,Mr. Nitin  Kulkarni, an alumnus of IIT Delhi and founder of Flash Cards was organised. The topic of the webinar was very interesting and relevant. It was named as’ Tips and Tricks’. The objective of the webinar was to familiarize students and teachers to learn the tricks and techniques to deal  with MCQs keeping the board examination preparation in mind. The session was very interactive and students showed their willingness to participate. Tricks and techniques shared by the resource person were of great importance and will help students and teachers in their academic life.

 Points discussed in the webinar are as follows

1) importance of Accuracy in OMR sheet based examinations.

2) How to take advantage of not having a negative marking system.

3) MCQ tests are different ,not difficult, they required different skills

4) Importance of practicing OMR sheets.

5) Importance of reading instructions .

6) How to pay attention to distractors.

7) Importance of learning shortcuts in mathematics.

8) Use of promodoro technique for learning subjects to which you are not inclined .

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