Vikhe Patil Memorial School, Pune, organized a guest lecture by Mr. Pankaj Setiya as a part of the month- end activity for November, on the topic “Role of RBI in the economy and career prospects in banking sector for science and commerce students.” The webinar commenced with a brief introduction of Mr. Pankaj Setiya, which was given by Miss. Shreya Maslekar, a student of class XI-B.
Mr. Pankaj Setiya is a General Manager in the Reserve Bank of India and is currently working as a Member of Faculty at the College of Agricultural Banking (CAB) of RBI, Pune. He has more than two decades of experience in the areas of banking and finance. Mr. Setiya has contributed immensely to various areas of RBI’s engagement like payment settlement systems, banking regulation, currency management and also development banking areas of financial inclusion, financial literacy, consumer protection and their interface with financial integrity.
During the event, Mr. Setiya helped the students understand central banks, their evolution and functions. He also talked about the importance of RBI in India, its organization structure, its role and explained each of its functions in detail. This gave the students a clear picture of the working of RBI. He also touched upon the various types of banks and how they differ from each other.
Mr. Pankaj Setiya talked to the students about the various career opportunities in the banking sector as well as the Reserve Bank. He encouraged the students with a few reasons why one could choose commercial banking as a career and helped them understand the various branches within the field that they could explore.
The webinar was concluded after a round of interesting questions from the audience and Mr. Setiya’s views on them were very thought provoking. The discussion on cryptos has positively given the students food for thought.
I would like to thank our Principal Ms. Mrinalini for giving us such a wonderful opportunity. It has helped the students to get a strong vision of their future and encouraged them to learn more.

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