Anyone can handle a medical emergency by sharing right knowledge and creating awareness on how to manage it. With this positive thought, Vikhe Patil Memorial School Pune arranged a health talk session for transport department, housekeeping, class 4, and non-teaching staff members. It was organized under the able guidance of our Principal Ms. Mrinalini Ma’am on Tuesday, 9th November 2021.
The event had two health talk sessions with eminent doctors from the city. The first session was conducted by Dr Prakash Shende. The topics highlighted were:-
– Nutritional diet
– Diabetes and emergency management
The second session was conducted by Dr Rajendra Patil. The topics highlighted were:-
1. Cardiac emergency and its management
2. Importance of CPR in an emergency
The session ended with a video presentation stating the procedure of CPR. A demo performance of CPR was shown by his team member
Mr. Sachin.
The doctors enlightened the audience with their knowledge. They patiently replied to the Q&A part of the session. The medical and transport department ably shouldered the responsibility of leading, introducing the guest speakers and rendering the vote of thanks.

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