A Hindi Spell Bee Competition was arranged for the students of Middle School on Saturday, 12th February. The objectives of the Spell Bee were to – Encourage students to explore and study the Hindi language and its roots, help students to learn to spell quickly, accurately and with comprehension, promote students’ knowledge of proper word usage; encourage students to strive for excellence in spelling skills and other educational pursuits; and provide an opportunity for students to meet and compete with their peers in an atmosphere of fun and friendship. 12 students were selected for the final round based on their performance in the 1st and 2nd round that was conducted online.
For the final round, the students were divided into 4 groups as per their classes. 4 rounds were conducted to finally have 1 team that qualified as the winner.
All participating teams were awarded participation certificates.
Overall, the session was well received with active participation that helped the participants get a thorough understanding of the finer nuances of the language.

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