Healthy ageing is possible for every person in every country by sharing information and creating awareness on health. With this positive thought Vikhe  Patil  Memorial  School Pune under the able guidance of the Principal Ms Mrinalini, celebrated the International Day  for the Elderly virtually on Friday, 1st October 2021.

The online celebration had two health talk sessions with eminent doctors. The first session held in the morning for the elderly of  primary section was conducted by Dr Nikhil Likhate, DNB Orthopedic  and   Dr Sarika Sethia, DNB Ophthalmology. The topics highlighted were:

  1. Arthritis and its Management and
  2. Impact of Ageing on Vision and Issues Related to Eyes

For the elderly of secondary and senior secondary section a session was held in the afternoon. Dr Nikhil Likhate and Dr Uma Alurkar, M.S. Medicine spoke in detail about Arthritis, Hypertension, Diabetes, Thyroid and Post Covid complications. The doctors enlightened the audience with their knowledge. They patiently replied to the Q&A session of both sessions. Principal Mrinalini Ma’am gave all the support and guidance for the success of both the programs. The students ably shouldered the responsibility of introducing the guest speakers and rendering the vote of thanks. Both the programs ended with a video presentation stating some handy health tips.

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