The students of Class-2A of Vikhe Patil Memorial School, Pune celebrated Marathi language day on the 27th February 2022. This day is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of eminent Marathi poet Vishnu Vaman Shirwadkar who is popularly known as “Kusumagraj” in Indian literary circle. Marathi being the official language of the State of Maharashtra, the main focus of this celebration is to promote and sustain the richness of Marathi culture among the young generation. Marathi language contains some of the oldest literature of all modern Indo-Aryan languages, dating from about 900AD. The government started celebrating ‘Marathi Rajbhasha Gaurav Din’ after Kusumagraj’s demise in 1999.
This celebration aims at inculcating and honouring the rich history and literature associated with it among Marathi-speaking community in the state. A special assembly for the same was conducted online where all the students participated enthusiastically in various programs depicting the significance of Marathi language.

The students celebrated this day online to rejoice the excellence of Marathi language, its cultural values and to honour the greatness of Marathi literature. The students got an opportunity to showcase their talents and express their feelings in their language through various programs. The students participated with full enthusiasm and cherished the beauty of Marathi language. The program began with a brief introduction of the program followed by a Marathi prayer. Thought for the day, amazing facts, significance of the day and the history of Marathi language day were told in Marathi. Various other programs where the students showcased their amazing talents of sketching, rangoli, composing poems, telling jokes, giving information about Marathi traditions etc. were all done in the Marathi language. The students were dressed up in colourful, Maharashtrian costumes.
A choir in Marathi “Maharashtra bhoomi, hi janmbhoomi” was sung melodiously by the students which depicted different places and importance of Maharashtra state in the Marathi language. A dance on the Marathi song “Agobai, dhagobai” was performed gracefully by the students in beautiful Maharashtrian attire. The national pledge, which helps us in reinforcing the sense of patriotism

for our country and is required for transforming any nation into a great nation, was recited in Marathi.
All the students performed their role enthusiastically and enjoyed doing their acts. Marathi language has its own importance and beauty. We all are aware of the fact that “If we talk to a man in the language that he understands, it goes to his head. If we talk to him in his own language, it goes to his heart.” We also know that communicating in one language is not to replace another but it serves to augment our knowledge.
The main aim behind this celebration was to reconnect everyone to our roots, our native tongue and to aspire everyone to inculcate the language of pride, “Marathi”. The online celebration ended with vote of thanks and expressing gratitude to all those who supported and contributed towards the success of the programme.

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