As a part of Month-End Activity, Class VI-VIII decided to do creative task of making Diwali lanterns using colourful paper, decorative lace, and more materials available at home and also cooking using basic ingredients easily available at home and also concentrating on the nutritional value of the food being made.

The list of needed materials had already been given to the students before the activity. Students were briefed about the activity online through the video of instructions. It helped the students achieve the basic structure required to make a functional lantern. Some made lanterns with distinct colours, whereas others challenged the beauty of a rainbow by variety of colours used.

In cooking, students individually explained the nutritive details of the dish prepared by them. Students came up with innovative and simple recipes which were well demonstrated and well plated. To list a few dishes, salads – Russian Salad, Sprouts Salad, cucumber salad; bhel, makhana Bruschetta, smoothies, milkshakes, lemonades etc. Students were greatly involved in the making of each delicacy.

The activities brought out the creativity in the students and let them express their imaginative ideas through the simple task of making and decorating lanterns and Cooking dishes.

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