!! Safety first is safety always!!

Vikhe Patil Memorial School, Pune is an educational institute that aims to impart knowledge and empower today’s children to explore the talent deep within them.The school has always been innovative in terms of exploring new ideas and executing them qualitatively keeping in mind the holistic development of the students. The school came up with an excellent idea of the cultural collaboration of the students without dampening the spirit and enthusiasm of the students.
On the occasion of the “National Safety Day,” students of class 5th D had presented a mesmerizing performance as a part of initiative taken by our Principal Ms. Mrinalini.
National safety day is celebrated on the 4th of March every year and is a one week campaign that is organized usually during the first week of March. This day is observed to create awareness on safety and hygiene in our society.
The anchors began the special assembly and weaved the entire program in a very systematic way. The assembly commenced with a prayer that expressed gratitude towards the almighty for keeping all of us safe and secured in the midst of this pandemic.
Everybody understands the importance of safety, and we all want ourselves and our family members to remain safe. The aim and objective of National Safety Day 2022 is to rejuvenate the commitment of the citizens to work safely and to ensure the integration and running of a safe and healthy lifestyle and work environment. Highlighting the same, significance of the day was presented by students in the form of prose and poetry.
Creating the awareness amongst the children was a spectacular skit that was performed depicting the safety rules that need to be followed by the children at home and at school.
The innovation and creativity was put together by the expressive choir and energetic group of dancers on the song, “Suraksha pe nazar rakh, safety ki tu baat kar….”
Followed by the thoughtful slogans and the beautiful, aesthetic art work of the students grabbed the attention.
The enthusiasm of the students was incredible when some of them were called for recording and shooting of song and dance. On the online platform students got the chance to display their talents and boost their confidence. To conclude the program, vote of thanks was proposed by a student and the anchors tried to spread the message of being responsible citizens of our country and to follow the SAFETY RULE diligently.
“Safety is as simple as ABC, Always Be Careful. Stay Safe”

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