Creativity is making marvellous out of the discarded…
Reviving Waste- My Way is an initiative for wealth generation from available wastes at home thus inculcating the 5 R’s- Reuse, recycle, reduce, refuse and repurpose. Generation of less waste, reuse of consumables, recycling of waste are some values to be practised by students from a very young age to enable them to be responsible youth for a better tomorrow.
Vikhe Patil Foundations works towards recycling and reviving potential resources and reducing the rising level of carbon foot prints. The campuses under the foundation work towards maintaining a sustainable environment for the present and future generations to come.
Students were briefed about the activity and were given options and the opportunity to explore the various creations they could come up with using materials which are easily available at home.
From identifying materials which qualify as recyclable waste, to giving them a new perspective from the eyes of a creator, remodelling it into a completely new product was all done by the young creative minds of each class.
Using colourful, eco-friendly material, the students went on to make various eye catching and exclusively attractive pieces of work which left the teachers short of words to appreciate them.
Students and the parents were equally happy with an idea such as this which helped tap the creative potential in the child and encouraging them to respect nature’s gifts to them. Thus giving each the satisfaction of achieving the objective planned.
May our youth continue to heal the world and help make it a better place for all.

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