Resource person: Ms.Saraswathy R (ECCE & Communication Expert: Senior teacher trainer
“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
– Benjamin Franklin
Learning Objective: Participants will be able to gain confidence in writing.

The webinar was conducted by Co-founder and Chief Marketing Office at Learning Matters Pvt. Ltd. Ms. Saraswathy Ramamoorthy. on smart tips to enhance written English proficiencyfor pre-primary teachers.
She discussed the top 7 tips to write better sentences, to improve sentence structure. And the best practices in proofreading.
The 7 Simple ways to improve sentence structure is to write in complete sentence, short and crisp, eliminate repetition, use the active voice, not to use the words: the fact that, there is, there are.
The practices for proof readings were shared, where we can read what we have written on another day or may be after taking a break. The best way to find our own mistakes is to read our own written work loudly either in a good mood or on a different day. We can let others read what we have written so that they can give us feedback where we have made a mistake, let the written work go through multiple eyes for error free written work.·
Ms. Saraswathy also advised to be careful when using apostrophes, quotation marks, commas and she concluded by explaining that there is no magic wand, if we put in the effort and are willing to spend time in learning we can see results. It was indeed a wonderful session,

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