“The earth has enough to provide for every man’s need, but not for every man’s greed”
M.K Gandhi

The students of std VI C from Vikhe Patil Memorial School- Pune, observed the “National Pollution Prevention Day” on 2nd of December 2021 by compiling a beautiful You Tube video as an initiative “Perform to transform”. The video briefly encompassed all important aspects that can sensitise the topic and would provide hope towards creating a pollution free surrounding which is the right of all flora and fauna on mother earth.
The program began with a prayer, asking the almighty to lead us a guide us with a sincere intent and a clear vision to choose actions that will help us combat pollution, followed an apt thought on Gandhiji’s views and a beautiful dance depicting mother nature’s say.
This day is observed in memory of the innocent lives lost in the unfortunate Bhopal Gas Tragedy in 1984. The significance and objectives of observing this day were clearly mentioned, highlighting the ever-growing horrendous nature of pollution and its hideous effects.
HOPE, keeps life going and if it is supported with doable measures and evidentially fruitful outcomes, then the motivation levels are escalated to great heights.
Likewise, students aptly emphasized on the silver lining of the Covid 19 lockdown which resulted in a dramatic decrease of pollution levels and set nature on a jump start setup. It showed us how the complex interconnectedness between nature and economic developments can be simplified and it also renewed our understanding about how easily and quickly the nature is ready to heal itself just within few days.
The message is clear that, if a few days of lock down can revive the environment from decades of continuous damage, then definitely with consistent and well-planned efforts, within few years we can control and reduce pollution and revive the earth to a large extent.
Sustainable innovations and practices at the Industrial, domestic and individual levels were also exhibited. “Consumerism” was presented as “food for thought” which is one of the main reasons that heavily contributes towards global pollution directly and indirectly.
The dance on “Thodi hava aane de…..” , the poem on “Litter” and the song “Tik tik tik tik…..” that were superbly performed by students, perfectly supported the topic and the content of the event. Related facts were flashed and methods of adopting sustainability were shown. The video concluded with a gallery which was a compilation of various initiatives, programs, workshops, rallies, activities, competitions, achievements, awards and much more that are under the feathers of our VPMS family.We are lead and guided by efficient visionaries like our chairman sir Dr. Ashok Vikhe Patil, joint-secretary Nandini ma’am and our principal Mrinalini ma’am.
As Dr APJ Kalam rightly said
“You cannot change your future but you can change your habits….and surely your habits will change your future”
We at VPMS have begun with changing our habits rather than waiting for others to change.
We have started doing our bit and encourage all of you to do the same.
Let’s together make our life on this earth safe, beautiful and meaningful.

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