Celebrated by the students of III C
Saturday, 13 November 2021

One sunny morning at VPMS Pune, a small group of students from III C went around the campus, carrying out random acts of kindness. Their heart-warming gestures surprised the receivers who wondered what they were up to. These students were preparing to shoot videos for their upcoming special assembly on World Kindness Day.
The assembly that premiered live on YouTube on 13th November 2021, began with a solemn prayer to the almighty to make each one of us kind. Following it, the audience was taken through a beautifully scripted story in rhyme by the character embodying ‘Kindness’. She visited them with the objective to make them believe that ‘Kindness makes the world go round’. It was an act in which she invited the Kindness Warriors to assist her in her mission. The warriors explained the significance of the day, some facts on kindness, a unique kindness story and a kindness sketch in hyperloop. The next group came up with a moving compilation of random acts of kindness. The students distributed juice glasses, flowers and hand-made greetings to show gratitude to those who are always on their toes. A melodious instrumental guitar version of ‘Heal the World’ and a foot-tapping jingle titled ‘Pass It On’, sung to the tune of ‘Jingle Bells’, was also presented. When ‘Kindness’ saw that none of the warriors were able to convince the students on her importance, she finally decided to send them on a task to capture kindness on VPMS street. On their mission, the students learnt important life lessons and captured them in their camera which finally convinced them that being kind was the best. Following the learnings, was a well-choreographed dance titled ‘The Kindness Song’. The cherry on the icing was the making of world kindness day, a unique compilation of takes and retakes with apt expletives to go along. The assembly received accolades from the audience and proved what ‘Making Life Meaningful’ is all about!

Compiled by
Ms Sheetal Upadhye

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