Day and Date – Thursday, 3rd March 2022

I love the Earth
And everything that lives.
I love the plants
And the beauty each one gives.
I love the animals
And the fish at sea.
For I am a part of Mother Earth
And it’s a part of me.

Wildlife: Save it to cherish or leave it to perish.
World Wildlife Day is celebrated annually on the 3rd of March in support of our endangered animals and plants. This day is significant as it emphasizes on the extraordinary diversity of wildlife and marine life that we have today. With increased number of endangered and extinct species it is extremely important to educate people on how we can conserve the planet to provide for future generations. Children all over the world deserve a chance to live in a planet filled with varied forms of flora and fauna.
Keeping this objective in mind the students of grade II D commemorated World Wildlife Day on the 3rd of March 2022 by conducting a special assembly on a virtual platform. ‘Recovering key species for ecosystem restoration’ – this was the theme of the day. The assembly began with welcoming everyone to the celebration. The students then sang a beautiful rendition of the prayer – ‘A Gift to You’. This followed by students mentioning the significance of this day along with some unique and shocking facts about endangered species. This set the scene for several programs that followed. These programs were linked to each other through a play based on the characters of a hunter who needed some guidance and a forest official who changed the life of the hunter. Students made a huge effort to bring about an awareness regarding the unfortunate species by dressing up as different animals and dancing to the wild beats of a song. Another set of students held posters to make each one of us realise the pain we are causing to these speechless animals. A dance performance was showcased on a song whose lyrics emphasized on the fact that animals lead a happier and more carefree life than humans. A beautiful ‘Peacock Dance’ was performed as a dedication to Mother Earth thanking her for providing a habitat for all the plants and animals. The program concluded with the pledge taken by the students vowing to take care of the planet along with its inhabitants and the vote of thanks.
The students of grade II D successfully communicated the message that we need to learn to coexist as we don’t own the planet, we belong to it. This was possible because students and their parents put in a lot of effort and took advantage of this wonderful opportunity given by our principal, Mrinalini Ma’am and the management.

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