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What our Parents Says

Dear VPMS Team,


One more Academic Year is fast approaching to an end. Academic Year 2020 – 21 is filled with life changing events, lessons learned and testing times. We hope the end of this academic year would be the beginning of a better time.


VPMS Pune has promptly applied ideas & thoughts to choose an academic model & Microsoft Teams which enabled the start of the Academic Year within just a few days in 2020.


Teachers have adapted to new systems, technology & tools while continuing the teaching and balancing with their personal life especially during total lockdown. Teachers are accessible online to help students beyond standard school time. Several enriching sessions of Life Skill Orientation, Webinars on various topics & Special Assemblies were also hosted. Examinations & assessments are being completed successfully in time.


Students & parents have responded positively and adjusted to this new model & drastic changes in their life.


Till 2020, most of the homes were not equipped for online schooling from home and work from home simultaneously. Technical / logistical challenges were observed by all but they were dealt with enthusiasm. There was almost no academic loss and if any, efforts were made to minimise the loss. Physical school, play-ground activities, field trips, annual day, sports day & social interactions at school are certainly missed this academic year. They can never be the same in online schooling, but they are sacrificed for the wellbeing of all.


For Standard XI, online admissions were completed & online school began in less than one month of CBSE Std X results in 2020. This helped to cope up with higher education while other boards struggled to complete admissions till recently.


VPMS demonstrated magnanimous gesture by allowing school fees to be paid in instalments and waiver / revisions to ease the burden on parents.


We think that we as a VPMS family stood together. This gives confidence that the VPMS family can deal with future challenges, if any, with such zeal and bravery. We are proud to be associated with VPMS Pune for over 11 years.


Kudos to VPMS, Teachers, Staff, Office Bearers, IT Team, Students, Parents & Parents Teachers Association for splendid efforts in these testing times.


Heartfelt thanks to all.

Sanjay Chaudhari & Sheetal Chaudhari

Parents of Aditya (Std XI - A) & Anagha (Std IX - B)

Dear Ma'am,


We would like to thank you and the school management for your valuable support  to Devaansh in his studies as always.


As far as his academics are concerned, we truly appreciate your efforts for giving him full attention & making him involved in class through your interactive sessions. 


Thank you so much Ma'am for all your support.

Sujata Mahajan


Dear ma’am,


Can’t resist expressing myself....

Hats off to your entire team of teachers for science project presentations of std VI today🙏🏼 to celebrate national science day. 


Tirelessly, since morning without a STOP they are watching each CHILD ... encouraging everyone and appreciating them for their efforts. ITS NOT EASY.... i felt like serving them a hot cup of coffee in between online for their dedicated efforts☕️.... I know kids too have done a lot but they got justice for their efforts. 🙏🏼


Even Std II TEAM is encouraging kids so much to present their science projects in an innovative way.. 


Not once have you and your teachers disappointed us in this entire unusual tough time....GIVEN THE BEST possible.....incredible job!


Thank you and please convey my appreciation to each one of them. 

Aarti patil 


Dear Ma’am,


This is Aarya Deshmukh's mom. She studies in 5C.


I just wanted to spare a moment to say Thank you for the amazing efforts that VPMS has been taking. The art driven activity was so fascinating that Aarya has now started making Saura Paintings. Few of them are included in her project work as well. We, as parents too get to learn.

This is an immense contribution that the hard working teachers have in our kids life and would want to acknowledge your efforts truly.

Aarya would surely show her paintings during your sessions.

Aarty Deshmukh


Dear Jyothi Ma'am,


It was wonderful speaking with you today. Thank you so much for the way you have been educating the children, and the entire VPMS team for their relentless efforts in enhancing the learning experience for children, in spite of the prevailing crisis.

Once again, thank you so much for your encouragement.

Manish Grampurohit

Father of Kaveri Grampurohit

Dear Ma'am,


I am highly impressed by the way you have broken down the topics in sub-topics which simplifies the content for the children. 


The sequence and the flow of the content in the pdf makes it easier to understand, there are also some examples included in the ppt which are not from the textbook.


I want to let you know that I appreciate your efforts.

Shweta Ranade

Parineeta's mother

Dear Teacher,


Please find the attached Journal work of Nirmayi Manohar(V B).


Also I want to appreciate your teaching and the way you  control students. Strict, whenever its required and appreciating with full heart.


Nirmayi is blessed to have teacher a like you.



Mukta Manohar


Dear Ma’am

I only have more and more respect and gratitude for you all! Add to this your efforts for managing the offline situation, too... truly indebted! 


God bless you All!!!

Mrs Namrata Sarda


Hello ma'am,


I am writing this letter to let you know that I am really happy with the way online classes are being conducted. My daughter Aarna Purandare ( 4th D) has been enjoying and learning in the classes. All the teachers are truly amazing. Following is what we like about following teachers-


Priya Nair- She had good command over her subject, give chance to each students

list wise.


Priya Khandagale- She is cute,loving and caring teacher


Yogita Yadav- Disciplined teacher. Aarna's marathi writing and reading has improved.


Babita Mehta- Good teacher


Nandini Banerjee- She is polite, loving and understanding teacher. Her teaching

method is very interesting.


Hope you will convey our feelings to these teachers.



Sujata Purandare

Mother of Aarna Purandare

Thank you dear teachers for appreciating his gesture and urge of expressing his gratitude towards you with so much of love.


Samyag really wanted to reciprocate to the love and passion with which you all are teaching.. He tells me - "Mumma, I don't feel any difference... We are being taught

the same way we would have been in the school". 


This for me was the most ensuring and satifying statement that in this virtual world also he is feeling so connected. I really want to congratulate you all and VPMS as a team for your efforts and generating so much of positivity in the kids.


THANK YOU once again!!

Nidhi Shand


Respected Ma’am, 


Thank you for the opportunity given to conduct the webinar ‘Safeguarding your Eyesight’. I hope parents find some useful tips from my presentation which they can follow for their children. 


It was a pleasure presenting and conducting the webinar. Please convey my sincere thanks to the Principal-Mrinalini ma’am. Thank you for

supporting the cause for spreading the word regarding eye health.

Dr Rashmi Pathak

Hello Ma'am, 


In the current challenging situation, it is very easy to get carried away by negativity and criticise everything / anything. That's where I believe what the entire staff of VPMS is doing is worth a note of appreciation.


Vardhan is in 3rd standard and we have been observing the online sessions. What has stood out for us is : 

  • Balance between studies and activity-based learning on a daily basis.

  • Meet and greet sessions in small forums to allow kids to see and chat with the teache and their friends.

  • Use of quizzes / games to keep the students interested.

  • Use of innovative ways to call student names for Q&A, assigning monitors for class, appreciating with & "stars" for correct responses! 

  • Asking students to start video in music class and sing along, having "the thought of the day" in the morning class.  

  • Fluency of using MS Teams as a "learning management system" - much better than what is often seen even in Corporates !! 

  • All this while keeping yourself calm during the session - irrespective of any disturbances (mute/unmute) from participants, network instability and so on. 


Your hardwork and enthusiasm is evident as well as encouraging for all of us.


Hats off to all of you ! Thank you !

Parag Mahajan

Parent of Vardhan Mahajan - 3C

Dear Ma'am,


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers for the efforts they are putting together to teach our children. Preparing lessons, making kids learn through fun, all this through distance learning. It is very difficult to teach such small kids online. 


However, you all are making sure that each kid gets proper attention and the learning is smooth.


I really appreciate the fact that focus is not just on finishing the syllabus but also ensuring that each kid is learning properly. The kids are also enjoying the co-curricular activities like Meet & Greet, Music, Drawing, Value Edu & Physical

Education which are taking place along with the main subjects. It makes them look forward to the classes.


Once again thank you to all the teachers who are helping my child learn today and every day.

Babulal Ghule

Parent of Arushi Ghule Class – 2 A

Dear Ma'am,

Thank you very much for a personal interaction in PTM today, in spite of this difficult phase and limitations.

I was hoping to meet all the teachers but I guess practically it is impossible to have everything.



My heartfelt gratitude for the school management for this user friendly system of conducting online classes. Your timely inputs helped us to get a hang of it. I am sure with Mrinalini ma'am and Amol sir's guidelines and Sharvari Ma'am’s constant observation and support the classes are running as you must have visualized.

Saumyaa is enjoying the sessions. I must say that from day 1 she has been on time, attended all classes and has kept all her books up to the mark from the beginning. Thanks to the perfect instructions and guidance of the teachers, she is well prepared for the exam.



Thank you Tabassum Ma'am for making Math classes interesting and setting examples on notebook pages. It is helping children to do the work perfectly. They are understanding the concepts well even though its through the screen.



Sadhana Ma'am, your Hindi language has its own purity. Children are learning perfect pronunciations. The notebook work too is neatly done as you give detailed instructions to get it done properly.



Varsha Ma'am, your Marathi language teaching is interesting. Kids enjoyed the session when you were telling them to narrate 'Khara Mitra' or 'Khari Maitrin' by giving their own experiences. They are learning to use new vocabulary in their everyday life.



Leena Ma'am, your English language teaching has made a remarkable change in Saumya's written and oral expression. She looks forward to completing her work promptly. Makes special efforts to speak in English continuously.


Anupam Ma'am, you are inculcating right values at the right time and we can see a change in the behaviour and approach at home. Your magic words are turning magical at home too.



Thank you Urmila Maam! even through this remote learning platform you are telling wonderful stories and also helping children to inculcate the habit of reading the story books. This habit will help them to go a long way.



Sheetal Ma'am, children are enjoying your art classes and adding colours to their stereotype life at home during this pandemic time.


Maria Ma’am, not just that Saumyaa is enjoying the academic class, but she is also enjoying the greet and meet sessions. She loves to connect with you and the friends on that day. She always thinks what new she can make for her next session. Thank you for your timely instructions as a class teacher. They help us to be on track at all times.


Thank you Ashvini Ma'am, Vivek Sir, Zameer Sir, Manohar sir, Aniket sir, Umesh Sir, Santosh Sir, Rucha Ma'am to add spice and fun through your activities. It would have been so boring without your classes. It’s amazing the way you have adopted the

system and reaching out to the kids to keep them physically and emotionally fit.



We whole heartedly admire the team work for making this experience 

Aarti Patil

Principal- Sadhu Vaswani International School, Pune

Dear Ma’am,

This is Dr. Nikita Desai parent of Nyra Desai from class II D.


First of all I would really like to appreciate the efforts put in by all teachers for online classes, kids really look forward to it.


Also small activities and informative sessions on different occasions like Constitution day, Diwali craft, Independence day and so on are enjoyable and informative indeed.


All teachers took lots of efforts explaining about online examination and taking revision for the same, just because of that we sailed smoothly through all subjects during exam. Kids didn't feel pressurized they infact had fun and did all by themselves.


Along with children we all enjoyed Children's day program. Hats off to all teachers!!!


Excellent, excellent virtual Children's day program ever!! Nyra watched again and again.


Lastly Greet and Meet sessions are very innovative. Nyra is having good time preparing for all the activities. Really glad we are associated with VPMS.


Thank you very much.

Mrs Nikita Desai

Parent of Nyra Desai (IID)

Dear Teacher,


I am Aadhya’s father and below testimony is both from my wife and me. I take this opportunity to thank not only you but all the teachers be it Mathematics, Value Education, Drawing, Hindi, Marathi, Hindi Vocal, English Vocal, EVS and physical training.


It’s been a phenomenal experience for me as a parent. Initially I had my doubts about whether this online model will be effective. But today after 9 months of the online classes I can say that the effort you all have put it in is nothing short of amazing. 


I sincerely thank you for the pains you all have taken to conduct these classes in a smooth manner.


You have made every child feel special which believe me is a humongous task. The techniques you all have used to communicate your points effectively yet in a simple

way is nothing short of tremendous. 


I can conclude by quoting the fact that all of you teachers have successfully made the point across that education is not the preparation

for life but education is life itself.


Thanks a lot for everything and showing light to our future generations.


F/o Aadhya Singh Std IC

Good afternoon Ma'am,


Sharing  feedback for Online Classes conducted by VPMS.


Due to the Covid Pandemic, the whole World was under fear. As soon as when lockdown was declared, everyone was restless, will this completely get over. Slowly everyone learnt to face it and started living with it. In this deadly scenario everyone's routine was disturbed but the responsibilities, duties and commitments remain same, whether it be Corporate World, Businesses, Schools etc. In this challenging situation, I really appreciate and thank VPMS and all the teachers for the effort, time and

dedication they have put into.


VPMS Management and all teachers came up with the robust plan to execute online classes which includes, Training Teachers, facilitating

Shadow teachers, upgrading IT infrastructure  both at teachers and school premises,


Subscribing MS Teams, sharing login ID and password  to all the students, training

parents and students as well, finally keeping same quality of education upto the mark.


Though Social and Physical Development of students are affected due to the Covid

Pandemic, VPMS have tried it's best to conquer the same through Greet and Meet sessions, PTM's etc. 


Achieving all the above was challenging but VPMS has proved itself. I am very happy and satisfied as a parent, for my child learning at



Thanking you

Kanchan Agrawal

Parent IC