Best out of waste

“When learning is purposeful, creativity blossoms; when creativity blossoms, thinking emanates; when thinking emanates, knowledge is fully lit; when knowledge is fully lit, life flourishes”

Keeping the above viewpoint in mind, ‘best out of waste’ activity was planned for the students of Std. I, II and III. The students were instructed to use scarp and waste material to make various items, avoiding plastic and thermocol altogether. The students of Std. I made creative bookmarks, greeting cards, pen-stand and photo-frames. The students used colourful papers, pencil shavings, dried flowers, stickers etc. for the same. The students of Std. II made imaginative use of waste material like old CD’s, card-board cut outs, feathers, old bangles, rope, bamboo sticks, pistachio shells, woollen thread, mirrors, ribbons, coconut shell etc. to make beautiful torans, wall hangings, wind chimes and envelopes.

Std. III students made piggy banks, fridge magnets, paper weights and handmade jewellery. The students made beautiful earrings and necklaces out of paper quilling, decorating it further with colourful beads. Stones were painted and used to make paper weights. The best part of the activity was that the students only got the material from home, executing and making the article was independently carried out in the classes. The children enjoyed the creative activity and came up with unique and designer products. These articles would be put up for sale on Fun Fair day. The criterion for the judgement was creativity, usage of material, display and finished product.

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