Birth anniversary celebrations of Padmashree Dr. Vitthalrao Vikhe Patil

On the auspicious day of “Narli Poornima” on 25th August, the School had a major cause for celebration since this day is the Birth Anniversary of Padmashree Dr. Vitthalrao Vikhe Patil, the visionary who pioneered the Co-operative Movement in Maharashtra.

It was an atmosphere filled with enthusiasm and expectations as the students geared themselves for the various activities that were planned for the day. Taking inspiration from the Co-operative Movement envisaged by Dr Patil which involved the participation of the farmers from across the State, the School too had planned activities which would involve team work and students participating in groups for their respective tasks.

Some of the activities which were undertaken by the students included the following:

Std. Activity Topic

I Comparative picture colouring Roads – clean / unclean

II Drawing ‘Swacch Pune Sundar Pune ‘

III Poster making with Slogan   Swachh Pune

IV & V Painting (Individual) Clean Class/Environment/School/House

VI Slogan (Group ) Swachh Pune

VII Doodling (Group) Waste Management, Cleanliness, Environment

VIII Collage (Group) Plastic Ban

IX & X Essay / Poem (Individual) Cleanliness and Hygiene Practices in School,

Waste Management, Plastic Ban

XI & XII Advertisement (Group) Solar Power

Assemblies were conducted in 4 different venues such as for Students of Std. I to III in Multi-purpose Hall in Junior block, for Std. IV & V in Skating Takewondo Area, for Std. VI to VIII in AV Room and for Std. IX to XII in the Seminar Hall.

The Chief Guest in the Seminar Hall was Ms. Nandini, Director & Jt. Secretary, Vikhe Patil Foundation. The programme commenced with a prayer “Humko Mann ki Shakti dena” by Students of Std. X & X and this was followed by the traditional lighting of the lamp and garlanding the photo of Padmashree Dr. Vitthalrao Vikhe Patil by the dignitaries on the dais.

The “Thought for the Day” was “Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is Progress but Working together is Success”. This was followed by Speeches in Marathi and English highlighting the life & journey of Dr. Patil. The programme concluded by a Vote of Thanks and National Anthem.

Similar programmes were conducted in the other three venues too.

The students then proceeded to their respective classes for the activities which were planned for the day, where they participated wholeheartedly.

Junior Block, Std. I-III

The morning assembly saw the students being oriented to the illustrious life and works of Padmashree Vitthalrao Vikhe Patil. This was followed by a special programme that started by lighting the traditional lamp at the behest of the Chief guest, Ms. Nandini, Director, Schools Programme and Ms. Mrinalini B, Principal VPMS, Pune. The students of Std. I-III presented some bal-geet(children’s songs). Std. I students hummed to the song “Hum bachche hain.” Std. II students sang the Hindi prayer “Itni shakti hame dena data” and the students of std. III rendered the Marathi song “Chhote se bahin bhau.” The children were ably trained by the Indian music teachers. The training, readiness and innocence with which the children sang songs was appreciated.

As part of the CBSE directive for Swachta Pakhwada, the students participated in various activities.

Students of Std. I had a comparative colouring activity-“Roads-clean/unclean”, wherein they were given a picture having two roads, one dirty and the other clean. They had to colour the road that was clean and write one way in which they can keep the roads clean. Students of std. II participated in a drawing activity, the topic been “Swachh Pune, Sundar Pune”Poster making and slogan writing activity was organized for students of std. III on the topic “Swachh Pune”. The students came up with catchy slogans.All the students actively and enthusiastically participated in the aforementioned activities. It was a feeling of pleasure and pride to see the deep sense of civility ingrained in their drawings and the mature thoughts that underlined the posters.


To celebrate the Birth Anniversary of  Padmashree  Dr Vithal Rao Vikhe Patil  a puppet show was organized by the teachers of Pre-primary Section based on the theme “Discipline” on 24th,August 2018.The objective  was to inculcate the value of discipline and rules to be followed in the school. The aim was to encourage students to stop negative behavior, make positive choices and ultimately become a better person. The students were also informed about the Birth Anniversary of Padmashree  Dr Vithal Rao Vikhe Patil  and a cleanliness day was observed in the class, where the students cleaned their classrooms.

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