Club Activities- October 2019

Cyber & Genius Club Activity

Activity: Music Mixing by Audacity software.

Keeping in tune with the changing times, the children were introduced to the audacity software. This software helps music lovers to mix and merge tracks and apply various effects to it. The students were instructed to carry their head phones for the club activity. They were explained the usage of various tools of audacity.

As they donned Dj’s were elated to see how they could modify and merge various tracks. They were proudly sharing and appreciating each other’s tracks.


Young Entrepreneur Club

Activity: Advertisement of the Product.

Objective: To generate ideas how to sell their product and implementation on Marketing and Finance.

The session started with attendance and the students were divided into two groups. Students were asked to make a short advertisement about their product. Marketing and finance related to their startups were discussed among the groups. Students were asked to come up with innovative ideas to sell their product.

Students discussed different ways to implement their startups. A video related to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to help them create their own ideas. Students made sandwiches and served it to each other which helped them inculcate the value of sharing and the joy of giving.



Name of activity

Level 1: Robotic Pencil Sharpener (individual-take home)

Level 2: LED Circuit Card (individual-take home) , Automatic street light system (partially done, will be completed in next session).

Level 3: Passive Infra Red (PIR) Sensor Circuit / Alarm (individual take-home)

Objective of the activity

Level 1:Students will be making a Robotic pencil sharpener using DC geared motor, on/off switch, 9 V battery.

Level 2:Students will be making LED Circuit Card using copper tape, 3 V coin cell, LEDs, plastic tape.

Level 3: Students will be making PIR Sensor Circuit using PCB (Printed Circuit Board).


Level 1: Robotic Pencil Sharpener

  • Make a oval shape hole in the sharpener next to the blade (7mm × 4mm).

  • Connect the wires.

  • Mount the sharpener over the shaft.

  • Mount the battery and the switch using the 2 way tape.

  • Hold tight the pencil in the sharpener slot and press the switch.

# Materials used:DC geared Motor, Sharpener, 2 way tape, 9 V battery.

* As the pencil is pressed hard, it gets sharpened.

Level 2: LED Circuit Card

  • Stick the copper tape on the tracks present on both sides.

  • Fix both the LEDs on the eyes of the robot picture at front such that the legs of the LEDs penetrate and come out from the opposite direction. Bend the LED legs such that they lie on the copper tracks at top and bottom. Long leg (+) at top and short leg(-) at bottom.

  • Stick firmly the LED legs on the tracks using a plastic tape.

  • Stick the cell in the circle with the positive(+) side down using a plastic tape. Stick at any two edges and ensure the center part of cell is not covered with the tape.

# Material used:Copper tape, 3V coin cell, LEDs, plastic tape.

* When the card is closed and pressed slightly at the bottom right corner, the circuit is completed and the current flows into the LED leading it to glow.

Level 3: Passive Infra Red (PIR) Sensor Circuit / Alarm

  • On the PCB board, solder the components using soldering items.

  • Attach the battery and PIR Sensor Module.

  • Place the PIR Sensor board in a closed room, so that it sense the Infra Red (IR) rays.

# Material used:Buzzer, transistor(BC 547), LED, register(1k), Connector, battery, female connector (3 piece), PIR Sensor module, solder gun, solder metal.

* As the PIR Sensor Circuit/ Alarm sense IR rays the buzzer starts working.

Report of the sessions:

Level 1: Robotic Pencil Sharpener

  • Students made a working model of Robotic Pencil Sharpener.

  • They understood the concept of DC geared motor.

  • They learnt the flow of current into the motor.

Level 2: LED Circuit Card

  • Students made LED Circuit Card.

  • They learnt the use of (LED) Light Emitting Diode.

  • Students understood the concept of circuit, DC Motor, Conductors etc.

Level 3: Passive Infra Red (PIR) Sensor Circuit / Alarm

  • Students made a working model of PIR Sensor Circuit / Alarm.

  • They learnt about circuits and use of transistor, sensor module.

  • They learnt the use of (IR) rays in everyday life.

Teacher’s feedback for Robotics Club activity on 5th October 2019


Students made a Robotic Pencil Sharpener using a DC geared motor. They enjoyed the activity with a better understanding of the DC geared motor with a hands on experience.

Level 2:

Students made aLED Circuit Card using 3 V coin cell, LEDs. The children got engaged in doing the activity and grasped the basic concepts behind it.

Level 3:

Students efficiently made a PIR Sensor Circuit . They learnt about the use of IR rays in everyday life. The activity helped generate interest in students about electronics.


Little Chef Club

Activity: Baking cookies

Objective of the activity:  To teach children valuable life skill like cooking and teach them importance about nutrition and healthy homemade food.


  • Baking cookies is comforting and cookies are the sweetest little bit of comfort food. 

  • In the first session Anaya Kamal, student of V A demonstrated how to make Thumbnail cookies.

  • She mixed maida, powdered sugar, butter, baking powder, Vanilla extract and assorted jams to make yummy cookies.

  • After mixing all ingredients, she made small balls from dough and baked in oven for 10 to 12 mins.

  • In the second session, the movie Ratatouille was shown to students.

  • The key take away of the movie is to encourage children for the hard work to achieve their ultimate Goal and not to underestimate your capabilities.

The session concluded with the students tasting the delicious Thumbnail cookies.


Media Appreciation and Heritage club

Activity: Film Screening

Objectives: To encourage students to understand the language of the cinema.

To speak after the movie in the discussion session. 

A shortfilm called Prisam was shown to them followed by a discussion. 

To Sir with Love was another movie shown to them. 

Students enjoyed this activity.

Cosmos Bios Club

Club members worked on Detection of Life module. They performed experiments and found the signatures left by something which is living.Club members were shown an informative ppt with interesting videos to understand the life and adaptation of extremophiles specially Tardigrades.

Tout a La Mode Club

Activity: - Embroidering is Fun - 2


· To enhance creativity and concentration

· To develop finer motor skills and eye hand coordination.

· To facilitate peer learning and teamwork.

· To be able to apply the stitches learnt on a pillow cover.


· The children were made to complete all the stitches learnt on the practice cloth.

· Each child was given a pillow cover to trace a design on and embroider.

The 3rd activity of the Tout a La Mode Club saw the children enthused and eager to learn. They completed all the previous stitches learnt and gave their cloth for grading.

The children excitedly traced designs on a pillow case given to them. They collaboratively decided the stitches they would use to embroider the pillow case.

They were assisted by the teachers to help them decide on the colour combinations of embroidery threads to be used to enhance their designs.


The children eagerly completed all the stitches on their practice cloth so that they could unleash their creativity and go on to more complex embroidery and hand work. The children of level one were heard saying that they would surely take up level two in the next academic session so that they will be better equipped at needle work rather than just knowing the basics. That statement was truly encouraging!

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