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CubSat Satellite Launching Mission workshop

On the first day 23rd Nov 2018, the programme started off with the School prayer followed by the Lamp lighting ceremony. The Chief guest of the programme was Prof Suresh Naik, Ex-Group Director ISRO, Present Chairman International Space Society, & Director & Mission Mentor of Suresh Naik Space Education Centre.

In his inaugural speech he explained about the launching of satellites, eclipse management, space and ground segments, also payload of a satellite. Working of Space Station was also explained by him in detail. It was very educative and informative speech. Post lunch workshop began with the explanation of Satellite, its types and importance.

Students soldered the circuits and fitted the screws on the receiver and the transmitter module and placed DHT11, LDR and BMP180 sensors on transmitter PCB and placed the other components on the receiving PCB.

On the second day of the workshop 24th Nov.2018, began with connecting the Arduino to the transmitter PCB and explanation of use of multimeter. Students made their parachutes and designed them. Students made the miniature Satellites and attached it with the parachutes.

On the third day, the most exciting event took place. The Satellites were successfully launched by the students on the VPMS ground. It was a great learning experience for our students to understand base station, mini satellite and parachute. They learnt various sensors, electronic circuits, doing soldering, assembling, building transmission and receiving capabilities. The activity was thoroughly enjoyed by the students.

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