Educational Trip to Volkawagen Pvt. Ltd., Chakan

On 26th of August 2015, the students of XI and XII Commerce went for the industrial visit to Volkswagen, a leading company in automobile manufacturing,. The objective of this visit was to make students aware about manufacturing of car, inventory management, and shop floor management.

On behalf of the Company, Mr.Chaitanya Halbe (Assistant Manager) welcomed the students. He briefed them with the information regarding Volkswagen Group.

Students were then taken for the tour through the plant. Mr. Halbe accompanied the students and explained them the various processes in the plant. The procedure of making a Volkswagen car starts from production of its spare parts that are made in the same premises. Then comes the assembly, alignment, quality maintenance, examination of these parts by the experts. It takes place through the efforts of man and machine equally. The exciting sites in the plant were the Kuka robots, conveyor systems on ceiling, production of left hand drive cars, display models of inner body of a Volkswagen, cleanliness of the whole place and of course- the birth of a new Volkswagen.

Students also learnt about the various Principles of management like Unity of command, Unity of direction, Principle of order, Espirit de corp, etc. that makes an organisation successful.

Students have upgraded their knowledge at a very great level. It was a good learning experience for them. They were accompanied by Mrs. Jayshri Verma and Mrs Jyotsna Lele.

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