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Harvard Model United Nations India 2015

Five students from the 10th standard of our school, Janhavi Bhalerao, Sanjana Date, Pavan Kulkarni, Malhar Satre and I, Aditya Gadkari, visited The Harvard Model United Nations India 2015 in Hyderabad this year. A Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of United Nations where delegates are given individual countries to represent in one of the committees of the UN. Delegates have to then debate and discuss the problem keeping in mind their designated country’s foreign policy as well as the rules that govern the United Nations. The aim is to make a comprehensive and internationally practical Resolution to solve the problem at hand. The topics of discussions or Agendas range from disarmament and international security matters to Humanitarian rights and educations. Harvard Model United Nations India is one of the largest and most popular MUN of India. This year, 1300 student from 400 plus schools from 15 different countries participated.

The event lasted for 4 days, from 13th to 16th August. The five of us were the Delegation of Kenya. Posing as the ambassador of another country did not just prove to be a lot fun but also helped us realize how many countries there are in this vast world and how little we know about the majority of them. We spent roughly 18 hours in committee discussing and debating. Every committee had around 160 delegates. Despite the committees being so large, all of us got multiple opportunities to speak. In fact, for first timers, all my fellow students did a wonderful job in committee. It was an amazing learning experience. We learnt many invaluable lessons about public speaking and diplomacy.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the Principal, Mrs. Nandini Charles and our school administration for allowing us to go on such an enriching expedition. I would also like to thank Mrs. Manisha Joseph for accompanying us and ensuring that everything went smoothly in Hyderabad.

Thank you!

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