July Month end activity

Jr. KG

Painting of Placement mat

The month end activity for Junior KG was painting and decorating of the placement mat. The activity was conducted on 22nd July 2015. To mark the silver jubilee year, the number “25” was placed in the centre of the mat with hands showing cheer and happiness surrounded by smiley. The children painted the number by putting red colour dots on it, using an ear bud. The smileys were coloured using bright colours. It was an exciting experience for the children to paint their own placement mat.

Sr. KG

Report on COLLAGE

The month end activity for the month of July was collage. It was scheduled on 28/7/15 (Tuesday). In the spirit of the Schools Silver Jubilee, a collage of number 25 was made by the children. The teacher explained the significance of the number 25 in context of the Silver Jubilee to the students. Students were asked to make small pieces of silver glitter paper and paste them to form the number. Children were very much excited and enjoyed doing the activity. It was an activity which enhanced the eye hand coordination and concentration of the students. The same was decorated with stars and a birthday cake. Children were very happy to see the collage.

Std. I

Show and Tell

The students of Std I had their month end activity on Friday, 31 July 2015. The topic was ‘toys’. Students had to get their toys from their homes and talk for a minute. Various toys were brought by the students which were really attractive and beautiful like cars, Barbie dolls, animal toys etc.

It is one of the simplest activities that young students can engage in, where he or she gets in front of the rest of the class with a particular item and proceeds to show what it is while providing information about the item, such as where he or she got it, what it is used for, and how it works. The benefits of this activity are mainly to teach students about the skills of public speaking as well as the skills of audience participation and cooperation. The students were excited as they could show and speak about their favourite toy as well observe and hear about what others had brought. It was an enjoyable activity for everyone.

Stds. II and III

The month end activity for the students of Std II and Std III was conducted on Friday, 31st July 2015. The topic was ‘Story Telling using Puppets’. Students were asked to get puppets for telling a story, preference being given to handmade puppets.

The puppets were made using ice-cream sticks, cloth, socks, paper etc. The students of Std II told the stories individually whereas some students of Std III told the stories in groups. This activity helped in developing the confidence of the students to come and speak before the class, at the same time enhancing their diction and speaking skill. The students enjoyed the activity as they got to hear many new stories and see different puppets.

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