Month End Activites – Std II & III: June 2017



OBJECTIVE: Development of creativity and speaking skills.

The month end activity for standard II for the month of June was finger puppet making. This activity was held on 28th June 2017. Students were asked to get the required material for it. All the students turned out to be very innovative as they created interesting characters. The students then used their puppets to present stories, to talk about their characters and to highlight different topics they wanted to discuss about. It was an opportunity for the students not only to display their artistic skills but also to showcase their speaking skills and storytelling abilities as well. This activity proved to be an enjoyable one.

LEARNING OUTCOME: This activity helped to develop creative skills by enabling students to use their imagination to make the finger puppets. It also helped to develop their speaking and listening skills. Children often communicate more easily with puppets and through story telling giving them confidence to express their ideas and feelings. This activity definitely proved this point.


Cloth Puppet Making OR Grain stack Bottle Decoration


The student will be able to build finer motor skills, problem solving skills and social skills.The student will be able to engage in creating things of their own.The student will be able to appreciate their peer’s work.


The students of standard III participated in the first month end activity of the academic year 2017-18 with great enthusiasm. They got the materials needed for making their artwork from home. The activity was conducted in the two periods after the short break. All excited, they took out their materials and started working on the same. They were engrossed in their creation as it took shape gradually. The spirit of share and care was very evident as they helped each other with the material. They even handled the material with great care as some of the bottles were made of glass and the grains tended to spill. They brought funnels to pour the grains in the bottle. The ones who didn’t have the funnels, innovatively made a paper funnel (aptly said, “necessity is the mother of invention!”). Unique puppet characters were made from cloth. One could see a sense of pride on their faces when they knew that their actions can make something beautiful. Soon, the models took shape and the children were showing off their beautifully decorated grain stack bottles and cloth puppets. Some enthusiasts quickly weaved a story with the puppets and presented it. All the handiwork was kept in front of the class for everyone to admire. After the activity, the students helped in cleaning up the class. In all, the activity was a great source of enjoyment and learning.

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