Month End Activities – August 2016

Jr. KG

Month end activity for the month of August was photo-frame making. Children were given paper plate sunflowers which they painted with yellow and orange colours and decorated with finger painting. Children then pasted their photograph. The aim of the activity was to enhance their fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Children were actively involved and they were thrilled to see the photo-frame with their photos.

Sr. KG

The month end activity for August was Mask making. Children were divided into 4 groups and each group made different animal mask lion cow, lion, elephant and giraffe .Cut outs of the same were given to the students and they drew eyes, nose and spots on the faces, stuck the mane of the lion. Students were totally engrossed in the activity and were excited and happy to see the end result. They wore the mask and showed it to their friends and portrayed various emotions like angry happy excited by making sounds of the respective animals. It was an activity filled with fun and frolic for the students.

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