Republic Day Celebration – 26 th January 2021

The Republic Day Celebrations were held with great enthusiasm and fervor on the school

ground on Tuesday, 26 th January 2021. This was the first celebration held at school with

strict social distancing norms, followed by every member attending the programme. It was

a sight to behold with the school decorated in the three colours of our National Flag. The

Games Captains, Aditya Bhalerao and Sanjana Saxena, were the comperes for the event.

The programme began with the prayer, ‘Make Me A Channel of Your Peace’, sung by the

students of Std V – VIII. The occasion was graced by the presence of our Director, Mrs

Nandini Ashok Vikhe Patil, who unfurled the National Flag. Every onlooker took pride in

singing the National Anthem and saluting the tricolour as it fluttered gently in the morning

wind. The gathering then took a solemn oath of devotion to their country through the

National Pledge.

The cultural programme began with Shiveti Gupta of Std XII, giving a speech in Hindi.

Through her note she urged the listeners to be an instrument of change and prove to be

good citizens to our motherland. Next up, was a group song, ‘Yesterday’s Dream’; a

melodious rendition by the students of Std V – VIII. They were trained under the able

guidance of our Western Music Master, Mr Jameer. The final event in the cultural

programme, was the recitation of a self-composed poem by the Head of the Student

Council, Snehan Chauhan. He brought out the traits we fellow Indians have, with respect

to qualities like equality, unity and fraternity, mentioned in our constitution.

The gathering was then addressed by the Director, Ms Nandini, who brought to light, how

our lives have changed and how we are as hopeful of better days as we step into the New

Year. She also made the students aware of the harms that can be done by social media and

how we must all use it judiciously. Her inspiring address ended with heartfelt wishes for

the day and for a new beginning.

The programme ended with a performance by the students of Std IV and V, trained by our

Indian Music Teacher, Ms Rajinder Kaur. Their soulful recital of the National Song;

Vande Mataram, left the audience spellbound.

The YouTube link to the programme, recorded live in the morning, was immediately

shared with all the students to be viewed later from the comfort of their homes.

The programme was flawlessly executed with the efforts of our support staff, the Art

Department, the Admin Department, Language Teachers; Ms Bharati Kudchadkar and Ms

Nandita Kusurkar, the IT Department, Co-Curricular and Sports Head – Dr. Ravi Sarkar

and the Cultural Coordinator – Ms. Sheetal Upadhye, who worked under the able guidance

of the Principal, Ms Mrinalini.

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