Science Day at VPMS

Science day at VPMS was a splendid affair. It was celebrated to mark the path breaking discovery by C.V. Raman. It was on February 28, 1928 when the renowned physicist Sir C. V. Raman made the ground-breaking discovery — the scattering of light — a phenomenon that later came to be known as the Raman Effect, after him. Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman was knighted in 1929 and, in 1930, was awarded the Nobel Prize for his remarkable discovery. It was the first Nobel Prize won by an Indian in the field of science. To commemorate his contribution, National Science Day is celebrated in India on February 28, every year.

To explore new horizons and push scientific frontiers further, it is vital that our students develop a passion for science. With that intension, the science related activities started few weeks before.

Std VIII had an interesting session of science demonstrations by Ashok Rupner from Science Activity Center, IISER, Pune. He kept students engaged through thought provoking experiments that were done through simple setups. From charging a balloon to creating different lighting effects in the end, he touched upon important principles of Physics which we experience in daily life.

Students of std. VII and VI put up a fabulous science exhibition in Seminar Hall and A/V room on 21st and 22nd February. The exhibits showcased not only students’ creativity, and understanding of the topic but an enthusiasm to explore much more than what their textbooks impart. Some of the eye-catching exhibits were, powering a cell phone using bicycle, natural water filtration system, smart cities, garbage disposal mechanisms, sewage treatment plant, walking stick with sensors for disabled people and the biodiversity zone. Some exhibits which kept the audience engaged were the hologram, candy vending machine, buzzer, ice cream machine etc. Audience also enjoyed watching recycled household things which were transformed into beautiful products in the ‘Best out of waste’ zone, and fantastic robots which swept the floor, dumped garbage, and sharpened pencils.

Students of std I,II and III had their science exhibition on 27th February. The topics of the exhibits were modes of transport, water, weather and season, human body, instruments to measure the direction and speed of wind, types of houses etc. The scientific toys made by students of std III were displayed for everyone to try. They also performed experiments on water, air, force, light and sound.

On the Science day, special morning assembly was held. Importance of the day was read out by Amla Patil . Students from std. V presented the role of women in science and depicted 3 women scientists who achieved excellence in their chosen field through dedication and hard work. The program ended with a poem recited by Science teacher Mrs Jyoti Shelke who wrote the poem herself .The poem brought out a scientist’s desperation when he see that the world is using his inventions to destroy the word .

Students of std. IV and V were engaged in making beautiful toys which were based on Scientific principles. They brought the whole classroom alive with fabulous low cost toys which they not only enjoyed putting together, but shared it with their friends. A novel idea of writing and documenting the whole process of making toy and recording observation was introduced and students made the journals meticulously. It was interesting to note that Science can bring so much fun in a classroom.

Our students participated in various competitions held in scientific institutes and establishments. Few students were selected to present their models in Muktangan Exploratory Project competition. One of the project got special mention as one of the best exhibits of the year. A team of 10 students participated in 4th Pauling Memorial Science Quiz at IISER. Team of Jai Ingle and Aditya Pujari won the second Prize.

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