Science Exhibition and Activities 2018-19

Science has a vital role to play in the development of any country, or the world as a whole.Needless to say, Science has transformed our lives. It is said that today’s science translates to tomorrow’s technology. To celebrate the Science day, our school organized various month long activities, which commenced with a science demonstration by Mr. Ashok Rupner- a resource person from IISER, Pune-for the students of class VIII. Through a variety of science toys made from trash and low cost materials, Mr. Rupner demonstrated a number of scientific principles, and ignited a spark of curiosity in students to learn beyond the textbooks and explore the world around.

Tectonic Plates

A science exhibition was organized for students of class VII and VI on 14th and 15th February. The exhibition was inaugurated by the Director of Schools’ Program, Nandini Ma’am. The exhibition was open to parents and students who came in large numbers to encourage the creativity of our budding scientists. It gave students a platform to showcase their independent scientific enquiries and innovations publicly. It promoted creative thinking, and provided exploratory experiences to try out theory into practice through self-devised scientific projects and models. It engaged the students in learning new facts, and enabled them to dive deep into the ocean of knowledge. It removed their fear of speaking in public and gave a boost to their confidence. It also encouraged collaborative team work.

Moon Surface Display

The exhibits showcased new trends and innovations ranging from handling bio medical wastes to segregation of garbage, sewage treatment, water harvesting, innovative transportation ideas, lighting solutions by tapping sunlight, wireless charging, and using water as a fuel in a state of the art fuel cell, which split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Many models which showcased our achievements in space technology were Chandrayaan, Mangalyaan, satellite launching vehicles, rovers, space suit designs, and many more. Models of elevators, working of the heart, simple principles involved in a water dispensing machine, use of shadows for a theatre display, showcasing eclipse, moon terrain, and drip irrigation were few other models appreciated by the audience.

Earth sciences formed a part of the exhibition through display of continental shifts, formation of Himalayas and displayed the importance of protecting natural habitats and conserving energy resources.


The robots stole the show through their artificial intelligence, their unique maneuvers and abilities to help humans – like shape sorting, picking things, cleaning floor, sharpening pencils, moving in a particular shape by detecting light, and replicating the famous “ALEXA” using sound activated commands.

Exhibition Room

Every exhibit was outstanding in terms of displaying scientific principles and creativity of students. It gave audience the message that all problems and challenges in this world can be solved through scientific and creative thinking. Science is not just a subject, it is the key to the wellbeing of society and welfare of our planet.

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