Social Studies Fortnight

November – SST Fortnight

November month being a Social Studies month the department teachers organized activities related to the subject.

Jigyasaan interschool quiz competition was organized by VikhePatil Memorial School on 28th of November. The students of std IX & X participated in this quiz. The participants were from schools like Symbiosis, Gurukul, Kilbil, KHS, BalshikshanMandir, Little Flower School, VPMSLoni& VPMS Pune.

The Quiz was not competitive but collaborative. It had many rounds. In the final round six teams were formed with four students each which were from different schools. The Quiz master conducted the quiz in a sportive manner. All the students actively participated and made it a grand success. The trophies, certificates and prizes were given by the Principal, Mrs Nandini Charles.

Field trips Std IV On Friday , 27th November 2015 students of std IV visited the Aga Khan palace. The field trip was organized as an educational tour to enhance the learning experience of the students about our country’s rich heritage. Students were excited to see the belongings of Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba Gandhi and learn out our historic monuments.

Field trip Std V

On 26th November 2015, students of std V visited PMC Biogas plant situated at Katraj, managed by MAILHEM-IKOS Environment Pvt. Ltd. recntly received award from the President of India for their work. The students were addressed by Mr Sameer Rege, who excellently explained the working of a biogas plant. He used real life situations, presentation and apt analogies for the same. It was a wonderful opportunity and an impactful learning experience for all of us. Students were motivated towards respecting our environment and caring for our surroundings consciously by simple practices like correct segregation of waste and generation of less waste.

Field Trip Standard VII

On the 1st December 2015, the students of class VII went on a field trip to the Deccan College and visited the Archaeology and History Museum. The students portrayed a lot of enthusiasm since the time they got to know about the field trip. Here they learnt about the need and importance of excavation and how the archaeologists contribute to enlighten us about the past.

The students got to see how the mankind evolved over the past centuries through the wonderful exhibits in the museum. The students definitely learnt how the preservation is essential to educate the future generation

The department of Archaeology was founded by late Professor H.D. Sankaliya in 1939 and it pioneered in the research in paleolithic (stone age) archaeology, protohistoric (before people could write) archaeology and scientific (dates of the materials can be found with scientific methods) archaeology.

The galleries which students visited were:

1. Stone Age 2. Chalcolithic (copper age) 3. Megalithic (large stone structures) 4. Early History 5. Sculpture 6. Maritime 7. History

We can conclude that the field trip was knowledgeable, enriching and full of excitement and enthusiasm. The students definitely gathered an experience to cherish for the future.

Activities conducted for std IV and V were-:

1)Boards on first floor–.a) IV—Topic–Save environment, Conservation of water and electricity.

b)V std—Project work term I –Persia.

2) Food fest for all classes –III to XII -The students enjoyed the delicacies of different parts of our country from where they hail, asa part of the “Food Fest” in their respective class rooms.

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