Sr. KG Month end Presentation

A mesmerising and eye catching presentation was given by the student`s of Sr. KG. on Monday, 31st August, 2015 The presentation portrayed a gist of the curriculum that the student`s learn in class. The parents were welcomed with a welcome song followed by a Mr. Sun song. There were a variety of programmes like an action song in English showing the bonding in a family, Hindi song about a boat and a frog, followed by another Hindi song on swar. There was a song on five senses, a song explaining germination and a demonstration on how to make a lemon juice. The programme was concluded by a puppet show and a vote of thanks. Student`s were well trained by the teachers and they had put in lot of efforts .It helped the students to gain confidence and was a first step to get over their stage fear. The efforts were appreciated by the parents.

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