Swacchagraha Rally

On 3rd Oct Vikhe Patil Memorial School had organized a rally in collaboration with Spit free India foundation to bring social awareness on Antispitting, tobacco chewing, smoking etc. Students of Std VII along with teachers rallied from school to Janwadi area where people were amazed to see young minds bringing awareness in the community.

Vikhe Patil Memorial School is a part of Swachhagraha mission. Swachhagraha embodies the message of Gandhiji: Be the Change you want to see in this world. The culture of cleanliness needs to be internalized first and only then can we inspire others to change.

Students interacted and interviewed people, auto rickshaw drivers, passersby, shopkeepers, paanwala’s, hawkers and spoke about harmful effects of spitting, chewing tobacco and smoking. Some of them promised to quit their habits of spitting and chewing tobacco.

They also informed public about spitting at public places is strictly prohibited as it plays as a major cause of the spread of the hazardous diseases that include pneumonia, tuberculosis, swine flu, bird flu and many more dangerous infectious diseases. Throat, ear and nose infections caused by spitting are pretty common. A few people in society develop bad habit of spitting at public places; but the consequences have to be suffered by many more than those few.

VPMS aims to engage people and bring about change where people get involved to take action for ‘Creating a Culture of Cleanliness’.

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