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VPMS Pune bags the ‘Swacch Bharat Puruskar’

Resource rich school but frugal perspective: a winning combination which has fetched Vikhe Patil Memorial School ‘The Swacch Bharat Puruskar’- First Prize from the Pune Muncipal Corporation. The award has been given on the basis of a detailed assessment of environmental campaigns, environment friendly practices , such as, proportion of green area in the school, waste management, water management and sanitation practices, availability of health-promoting food in the canteen, among other practices and for being an environmentally conscious school.

The school has ‘Swachhta Ambassadors’ – students and one ‘Swachhta Monitor’ from each class. They make sure that garbage is always thrown in dustbin, water coolers have clean water, and toilets are hygienic.

Health and hygiene are an important part and parcel of the school. The school premises is kept clean at all times.

Vikhe Patil Memorial School has become a catalyst to sensitize and create awareness in everyone about environment and other social and economic issues related to it .Through debates, street play, rallies, quizzes, exhibitions, competitions in schools, malls students have motivated and created public awareness regarding environmental issues like Spitting on the road, chewing tobacco, garbage disposal and defecating on the road, in the fields etc.

The mission of having a cleaner and greener planet is not only the duty of the Government, but the duty of every citizen. “Green practices should be a part of our life not because they earn us points, but because they are correct” said Principal Mrinalini Bhosale. She congratulated the school staff for keeping the waste at a minimum – an important criterion for the award.

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