Webinar- November 2020

1. Day and Date – Tuesday, 10 th  November 2020 Class: Std I - III

Webinar : ‘Covid 19: Ongoing Precautions’

Time: 04:00p.m.

The Guest Parent Speaker, Dr Meetali Bidaye, an eminent nephrologist shared her experiences, and highlighted the care and precautions to be taken in the pandemic. She

explained in detail how the virus hijacks a living cell’s machinery and uses it to reproduce

more virus particles. Dr Bidaye spoke about the symptoms in various organs due to SARS

- COV-2. She explained the importance of wearing a mask. She also spoke about the

common myths, health effects caused by air pollution and firecracker pollutants. She

shared tips to be followed this festive season.

Dr Bidaye concluded the session by saying; the most important thing is clean hands.

2. Day and Date – Saturday, 7 th November 2020 Class: Std IV - VII

Webinar: Health and Nutrition in Children

Time: 10am -11am

The webinar was a live event organised by Vikhe Patil Memorial School, Pune and was

viewed by the Principals, teachers and students of Classes IV – VII from Vikhe Patil

Memorial School, Pune, Nashik, Lohegaon and LFS Loni.

The session commenced with the Guest Parent Speaker, Mrs Sunita Kulkarni being

introduced to the audience. Mrs Kulkarni began her talk by giving children a small insight

about the need to practice good food habits and what it means to be healthy.

This was followed by understanding that we need to EARN optimum health through

Exercise, Attitude, Rest and Nutrition and we need to strive towards achieving it by

understanding the right proportion of a balanced nutrition.

Mrs Kulkarni went on to explain what optimum development in children within various

age groups, 1-4 years, 4-12 years and 12-18 years should be ideally. She emphasised on

the fact that children need to consume a minimum of 3 litres of water a day and what kind

of food needs to be consumed in order to maintain proper bone health, brain health,

immunity and vision health.

Mrs Kulkarni also suggested a few tips on how to consume food rich in vitamins and

minerals and also shared a few exercises to be followed for good eyesight.

3. Day and Date – 28 th November 2020 Class: Std VIII

Webinar: Empathy

Time: 10am -11am

Empathy is like a universal solvent. Any problem immersed in empathy becomes soluble.

A session on empathy was organized by Dr. Vikhe Patil Foundation for students of Std

VIII of all the schools under foundation VPMS Pune, Little Flower School, Loni, VPMS

Lohegaon and VPMS Nashik. The Guest Parent Speaker, Ms Sneha Deolankar threw the

ball in the students' court with the question “What are empathy and what sympathy is?”

She also elaborated on types of empathy and raised a question “Which type of empathy do

you feel is more healthy type? Why?” She allowed students to unfold what empathy meant

by narrating an anecdote. In subsequent activities, students and teachers made an empathy

bubble and listed out things they are not able to do. Students individually listed out

similarities and differences and shared with everyone.

She brought out the importance of social interactions by giving example of Sheldon

cooper of Big Bang where his Intelligence Quotient is very high but emotional quotient is

very less.

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