Webinar- October

1. Day and Date – Thursday, 8 th October 2020 Class – Std X

Time: 8:30 am - 9:30 am

Webinar: Time Management by Mrs.Ashwini Shah, Image Consultant, Image Sutraa.

With a view to help students learn to manage their time effectively a session on Time

Management was conducted for the Tenth graders by Mrs. Shah (Parent, VPMS

Lohegaon). The session began with what is really meant by Time Management. The

speaker explained to the students about how they can maximize their accomplishments in

a specified period of time using their whole energy and motivation. Also, working smarter

than working harder was discussed. Further, the myths that we follow about managing

time and obstacles like procrastination, worry, guilt, etc. are what we face due to our own

delusions. The tools of the ‘7 step procedure and the 6 ‘P’ formula’ were explained to the

students very well. Further, the Stephen Covey Matrix was explained in detail, to

understand which quadrant should our time belong the most. 2 videos were shown to the

students about managing time. The session was concluded by question answer round by


2. Day and Date – Thursday, 15 th October 2020 Class – Std IX & X

Webinar on How to Avoid Silly Mistakes in Mathematics by Mr. Nitin Kulkarni

No. of students – approximately 320 students.

Keeping in mind the stress and the emotional disturbances which the students are going

through during this pandemic period which is reflecting in their academic performance

especially in Mathematics, leading to loss of their hard earned marks and students’ and

teachers’ effort, a webinar was conducted for the students of Std. IX and X, as to How to

avoid silly mistakes in Mathematics, by Mr. Nitin Kulkarni, the founder of Flashcardz.in,

the education platform used by VPMS.

Mr. Nitin, an engineer from IIT Delhi and MBA from University of Utah, USA

enlightened the young minds by sharing many examples of most commonly made

mistakes in the subject and tips as to how to overcome these mistakes and the subject

stress. He also said that though teachers are doing their duty well in the classrooms, the

parents also have an equal responsibility to do so by destressing the students and regularly

motivating them.

Some of the tips shared by him towards overcoming these mistakes are as follows:-

To be careful with signs, not to do too much in one step, avoid over writing, by being

more organized and double checking the answers and regular revisions in short bursts is

very helpful in overcoming these mistakes to a greater extent.

3. Day and Date – Monday, 19 th October 2020 Class: Std IV - VI

Webinar - Cyber Safety and Security

A webinar on Cyber safety and Security was organized for classes IV, V, VI in the third

week of October.

Std VI: Monday, 19 th October 2020 from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Standards V and IV the webinar was conducted during their regular classroom sessions.

This webinar was conducted for the children so that they would learn how to use the

World Wide Web in a safe and secure manner. This time was also used to inform them

about the crimes and threats that take place when you are using technology and how not to

fall prey to any crime.

In the webinar the main threats that were discussed about were

  • Cyber Bullying.

  • Online Gaming.

  • Email Frauds.

  • On line transaction frauds.

Cyber Bullying and Online gaming were explained, along with how to avoid becoming a

victim of cyber bullying and what steps should to be taken if you are bullied on the internet.

Online gaming risks were also explained to the students. Email frauds like spam, phishing

were explained. Students were told not to click on any suspicious links which come by email.

Information of online transaction frauds was given with various examples where students

were told not to give out personal information or any details to any unknown person which

may lead to online stealing of money or information. SMART PLUS and AWARE rules were

explained, so that they can follow these rules when connecting to the internet and also

accessing the web.

4. Day and Date – 21st & 22nd , October 2021 Class: Std I – III

Webinar: Diwali Craft

This session was conducted by a parent, Mrs Prajakta Pagariya who is a designer. She

taught Diwali crafts like pop up cards, toran/festoons, lanterns to students of Std I – III.

Students were at their creative best as the little artists made and displayed their handiwork.

This workshop helped students to learn a new technique and enhance their creativity.

5. Day and Date – 23 rd October 2021 Class: Std I – III

Webinar: Safeguarding Your Eyesight.

A webinar titled ‘Safeguarding Your Eyesight’ was arranged for all parents and students

of Std I – III on October 23, 2020. It was addressed by an eminent ophthalmologist and a

Guest Parent Speaker, of our school, Dr. Rashmi Pathak. The webinar was also attended

by Ms. Swati Kharde (Principal, Little Flower School, Loni), Ms. Bindu Manoharan

(Primary Coordinator, VPMS Lohegaon), Ms. Pallavi Vidhate (Principal, VPMS, Nashik)

and teachers from our sister concerns. The webinar commenced with the introduction of

the guest speaker, Dr. Rashmi Pathak by Janhvi Raval of Std III.

With COVID-19 and a shift to online classes from the traditional classroom settings by

many schools, children are spending more time looking at the screen. Attending classes

online is said to be causing different types of eye ailments. Dr. Rashmi Pathak in her

presentation gave an insight into the very common complaints that may arise in the form

of headache, blurred vision, dry and watery eyes, mild redness, heaviness, tired and itchy

eyes because of spending more time in front of the screen. Furthermore, she talked about

eyes and vision related problems like digital eye strain and computer vision syndrome due

to prolonged use of screen. She also shared the actual screen time and safety tips

recommended by the ‘American Academy of Ophthalmology’ for children of different age

groups. The speaker also suggested some simple preventive measures, like correct posture

and minimum distance to be maintained while attending online classes, reading and

writing books or while using mobile phones, to safeguard our eyes.

Additionally, the speaker suggested a few vision healthy food to be taken and also

explained their benefits. At the end, Ridhima Pathak demonstrated some eye exercises like

pencil push-ups or convergence exercise to strengthen certain eye muscles. The session

was very useful and informative as it stressed on the need to take good and preventive care

of our eyes. The webinar concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by Adwait Kawane

of Std III.

6. Day and Date – Saturday, 24 th October 2020 Class: Std IX & X

Webinar : Incredible India - A Journey on Wheels

This live session was conducted by Guest Parent Speaker, Mr. Mandar Maharao, on

Microsoft Teams. Students of Std. IX and X, joined the session using the link which was

shared with them. 

The aim of the session was to spread awareness about the environment and also to create

interest about travelling among the students.

This session started with glimpses of various tourist places in India, which Mr Mandar has

visited. In the live session conducted by Mr. Mandar Maharao, he spoke about the

lifestyle, culture, cuisine, wildlife, weather and the condition of roads of various places in

Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala etc. He also spoke about the experience and

the challenges that he faced while travelling. He also told us about the do's and don’ts

while travelling.

At the end of the session, students and teachers asked very interesting questions to Mr.

Mandar, which he answered very enthusiastically. He concluded the session by saying

“Journey should never stop”.

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