Pre-Primary School

Neetu Khubchandani

Pre-Primary School Coordinator


To facilitate an environment of Learning with Fun Activities.


  1. Encouraging students to be happy, confident, safe and secure.

  2. Providing an extended family environment.

  3. Developing the “I Can; I Will” ethos of achievement in all that we do

  4. To enable queries and activities to facilitate learning

  5. Ensuring the physical, social, mental, and emotional health and well-being of the child.


The Pre-Primary Team

Jr. KG. A

Ms Kajal Kabra

Ms Rashmi Shah

Jr. KG. B

Ms Swapna Thatte

Ms Gayatri Thakar

Jr. KG. C

Ms  Sonali Kolambekar

Ms Anita Rege

Sr. KG. A

Ms Vaishali  Kolambekar

Ms Shilpa Rach

Sr. KG. B

Ms Gayatri Bhide

Ms Prachi Kulkarni

Sr. KG. C

Ms Sunita Kharat

Ms Sheetal Karnawat

Sr. KG. D

Ms Vrushali Avchat

Ms Santosh Bajaj


The Pre-Primary Menu

Please Note: The Canteen facility is mandatory for Pre-Primary Section. The following menu is provided to the students:


Book List

Junior KG


Senior KG


Kinder Planner