UPPer Primary School

UPPer Primary School Coordinator

jyothi shyam


My vision for the upper primary section is to educate, empower and enable all students to become caring, contributing pupils who can find us as the bridge between early years till Grade 4 and the career building years, after Grade 5.


  1. To facilitate the transition of young learners to middle school students.

  2. To act as a bridge between the distinct teaching and learning methods of primary and middle schools.

  3. To help children understand goals, achievements, morals and put them to practice.

  4. To uphold the inclusive education that VPMS, Pune believes in and handhold the differently abled children to settle into a regular rhythm of classroom learning.

  5. To make our motto of, “Making Life Meaningful”, as an actionable phrase into spheres, teaching as well as administration.

The UPPER Primary Team

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