Col. Rakesh Yadav
Army Sports Institute, Pune

Respected Dr. Ashok Vikhe Patil, Members of the school Management Board, Principal, Teachers, Parents and the lovely children. I would like to thank the school management for inviting me for this wonderful Primary School Sports meet. It’s really an honour for me, and I must compliment all the children today who took part in the march-past, all the four houses especially the school band and the children who took part in the various displays and races. I am amazed to see the sense of pride, the sense of participation and all the energy that is thrown in this ground. It’s really very heartening to see these young children doing all this with so much of energy and so much of pleasure. Indeed, today being the sports day of the school and I, being a seasoned sportsman would definitely like to say this that for the school like VPMS, the emphasis on sports, the all-round development of the children and the extra-curricular activities is what is going to make them the wholesome citizens of our country and good leaders in the future
My compliment to VPMS for giving these children all these facilities and nurturing them the way the school is doing is really heartening to see. The children and all the parents here are very lucky that the school is doing all this. I would urge children to take up sports as it is not only required for fitness and well-being but excellence in sports itself has many avenues. I would appeal to the parents to give chance to the children and there are lot of opportunities coming up in our country. Since, I am in the sports department, today I can tell you about Khelo India, Fit India movement that the government has started. Just to give you in nutshell that the Khelo India, ASI is accredited academy of Khelo India and this is the scheme that government of India has started for talented children and it gives a scholarship of five lakh rupees for eight years and I can see some of the talent that could very much make it to this scheme of the government and it is for the parents.
​The playing and sports come naturally to children, and many a times many of us sitting here as parent could have that regret that my father didn’t give me a chance, I wish I got that opportunity or I could have been doing this. This is a school which is giving you opportunity. This is the facility the government has come out with and there are some very talented children in this school. I could, just sitting here for the last one hour make out that if they are given a chance they can bring fame to our country. There can be more Hema Das’ here, there can be more Niraj Chopdas from this school only. So my best wishes and again compliments to everybody here especially the young children who took part in all the activities of the school with so much of josh and enthusiasm.
​I wish you all the very best, wish you good luck. Jai Hind!

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