The Principal’s Vision

If you think you can, you will be.

This institution, Vikhe Patil Memorial School envisages an all around and balanced education based on sound intellectual, physical, moral and social formation. Through the last 30 odd years since its establishment, special stress has been laid on developing a well rounded character and personality of our children. The aim of every activity conceived and undertaken is to make students erudite, patriotic, cultured, law abiding and ceaselessly seeking excellence, with a deep sense of responsibility and empathy for all, especially the weak and the poor sections of the society.

Education in the Gen Z era has been a challenge for educationists around the globe. As educational leaders we have to open up our mind and alienate from the traditional approach to teaching and create room for new styles in facilitating knowledge and information, which is centered around learning beyond texts, experiential and self-directed learning. Learning must be redefined with the use of technology and should envision a future ready generation. We are broadly defined with our unprejudiced and equitable approach towards the four pillars that strengthen our systems. These being: Our Team, Our Students, Our Parents and Our Community

Our Team
At the core of our approach to education is that it should be “joyful, meaningful and challenging”. This is great learning and students exposed to this approach will always achieve more both academically and socially.
The child is at the center of all that we are doing, and our approach is broad and balanced, to help raise them ready for the future. A future that in some ways is known and in many ways is not. We are in an age where skills are just as important as knowledge. Our teachers are focused on our students and their learning. We believe that understanding is the key to knowledge, which will then naturally lead to great academic results. Students are encouraged to be critical learners and to be involved in their own learning. In a similar manner, we believe that we must continually update our systems with the latest ideas and methodologies so that both the

teacher and the taught can use them to stimulate their creativity and excel academically. Our teachers are the designers of classrooms – exploring design thinking, developing critical thinking and logical reasoning capabilities. They are the facilitators of learning, making students think out of the box with a student- centric approach.

Our Students
Our children definitely spend more time in activities outside of the typical classroom which are an integral part of our school life. There are too many to enumerate sometimes. We have had great success in the sports field with inter- house and inter-school competitions. While culture and performing Arts, with our Annual School Productions really have been the talk of the town.

We have brought about a 360 degree change in our classroom dynamics including state of the art infrastructure with interactive digital panels, more ventilation and lighting and aesthetic design. Our students are driven towards passion, freedom of expression, inspiring minds, enriched values to build their character and enhanced skill development to be competent in this modern era. We expose them to art and aesthetic experiences in all fields of knowledge and fun activities to stress these are effectively woven into their class curriculum.

In line with the New Education Policy of 2020, we kindle our student’s interests and aptitudes through various projects, seminars, participation in intra and inter school competitions. We focus on multidisciplinary learning, practice innovation, reiterate collaborative and integrated learning. We want our children to be original in their ideas and decisive in their actions. We teach them life skills to cope with societal situations at large. Whatever one has experienced with and in this institution will enable our students to stand in good stead in every situation. It will even prove to be a guiding light and point your life towards being successful and

Our Parents
A proactive parent body supports the school’s initiatives and works collaboratively for the common vision we share – the welfare of all our students. Parent’s role in nurturing their children is primarily important. We look for cooperation to ensure that no child’s mental and physical wellbeing is neglected. Often we come across parents’ interests and ideas being imposed on them with little or no freedom to voice out their opinion. We need to let go of weighing them based on their academic calibre alone and widen our vision based on their extracurricular talents too. We work shoulder-to-shoulder, hand-in- hand with all the needs that our parents bring to us. A open door policy with a very transparent working system, allows for immediate redressal of any concerns that may arise. We hope that every child’s journey with us will surely help in yielding the best possible results. We invariably strive to ensure that our combined efforts bring in a new world of learning for our children. The scenario we are in, is so crucial and significant that from the least to the most and from the mightiest to the smallest views and ideas do matter.

Our Community
The school extends a huge support to the neighbourhood and the community through extended cooperation of the Kalam Library. A shared resource or reading and learning material with the underprivileged in and around the school celebrates the vision of the Kalam Library.
Our students are continually involved in prolonged work with old age homes, orphanages, NGO’s working with the visually impaired and physically challenged, across the city. This involvement augments the core values of the school, accentuating respect, gender sensitivity, empathy and equality in everyday living.

The school magazine is a worthwhile document to turn to, to review your life in this school. We believe, we have given you the necessary tools, academic, moral and spiritual for this very challenging task.

I would like to appreciate and acknowledge our talented and ever willing to work staff, both teaching and non-teaching, who have been showing their care for the students and school. I appreciate their concern for the students and commitment to academics. They have been lending their hand by going beyond to meet the deadlines, learning new technology, growing and making students’ lives better.

As the Principal of this illustrious school, I place on record my fervent appreciation and recognition to all the remarkable people, from the Management to the guard at our entrances, all so passionately involved in making every single day, every single experience and every single outcome so ‘meaningful’ for all of us on this campus!!
May God Bless every family, immediate and extended who are part of this legacy that is VPMS Pune!

Warmest regards,

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