Ms. Neetu Khubchandani


At Pre-Primary level,the education is child centred. An integrated approach is adopted for the holistic development of the child. As it reflects real world educational experiences and matches what children and adults do outside the classroom. The pre-primary team promotes and develops a trusting relationship with parents, so they know how their children are cared for.


It is a centre of excellence with innovative teaching and learning with fun activities.


To encourage children to develop a lively enquiry mind and a disciplined life. To develop the ethos of “I can and I will” in all that we do. Ensuring the physical, social, mental, and emotional health and well-being of the child.


We at VPMS firmly believe in the potential of our students and encourage them to develop team spirit in all indoor and outdoor activities. To provide a holistic development in all areas of learning. We encourage our students to be happy, confident, safe and secure.

Student Speaks

I would like to thank my teachers for helping me flourish under their care, guidance and for been compassionate.

Parent Speaks

I thank you all for creating such a fun, yet educative environment, you’re not just heroes to our children, but I would say ‘Magicians’. We are extremely happy to be a part of the VPMS family.


Group Members
Jr. KG. A Ms. Santosh Bajaj & Ms. Trupti Karandikar
Jr. KG. B Ms. Anita Rege & Ms. Shilpa Rach
Jr. KG. C Ms. Vrushali Avchat & Ms. Kajal Kabra
Sr. KG. A Ms. Swapna Thatte & Ms. Ketki Patwardhan
Sr. KG. B Ms. Sheetal Karnawat & Ms. Akruti Baljekar
Sr. KG. C Ms. Sunita Kharat & Rashmi Shah

Book List


S.No Subject & Publisher
1 Pearls Ratnasagar Semester 1
2 Pearls Ratnasagar Semester 2
3 Capital Letter Writing (Educart)
4 Small Letter Writing (Educart)
5 Akshar Gyan (Book magic)


S.No         Subject & Publisher
1 Pearls Ratnasagar Semester 1
2 Pearls Ratnasagar Semester 2
3 Blooming Buds (Sunbeam Publishers)
4 Blooming Buds (Hindi B)
5 Phonics (Level 2 Book)

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