• Dear VPMS Team, One more Academic Year is fast approaching to an end. Academic Year 2020 – 21 was filled with life changing events, lessons learned and testing times. We hope the end of this academic year would be the beginning of a better time. VPMS Pune has promptly applied ideas & thoughts to choose an academic model & Microsoft Teams which enabled the start of the Academic Year within just a few days in 2020. Teachers have adapted to new systems, technology & tools while continuing the teaching and balancing with their personal life especially during total lockdown. Teachers are accessible online to help students beyond standard school time. Several enriching sessions of Life Skill Orientation, Webinars on various topics & Special Assemblies were also hosted. Examinations & assessments are being completed successfully in time. Students & parents have responded positively and adjusted to this new model & drastic changes in their life. Till 2020, most of the homes were not equipped for online schooling from home and work from home simultaneously. Technical / logistical challenges were observed by all but they were dealt with enthusiasm. There was almost no academic loss and if any, efforts were made to minimise the loss. Physical school, play-ground activities, field trips, annual day, sports day & social interactions at school are certainly missed this academic year. They can never be the same in online schooling, but they are sacrificed for the wellbeing of all. For Standard XI, online admissions were completed & online school began in less than one month of CBSE Std X results in 2020. This helped to cope up with higher education while other boards struggled to complete admissions till recently. VPMS demonstrated magnanimous gesture by allowing school fees to be paid in instalments and waiver / revisions to ease the burden on parents. We think that we as a VPMS family stood together. This gives confidence that the VPMS family can deal with future challenges, if any, with such zeal and bravery. We are proud to be associated with VPMS Pune for over 11 years. Kudos to VPMS, Teachers, Staff, Office Bearers, IT Team, Students, Parents & Parents Teachers Association for splendid efforts in these testing times. Heartfelt thanks to all.

    Sanjay Chaudhari & Sheetal Chaudhari
  • Dear Ma'am, We would like to Thank you and the School Management for your valuable support to Devaansh in his studies as always. As far as his academics are concerned, we truly appreciate your efforts for giving him full attention & making him involved in class through your interactive sessions. Thank you so much Ma'am for all your support.

    Sujata Mahajan Parent
  • Dear Ma’am, can’t resist expressing myself.... Hats off to your entire team of teachers for science project presentations of std VI today to celebrate National Science Day. Tirelessly, since morning without a stop they are watching each child. encouraging everyone and appreciating them for their efforts. Its not easy, I felt like serving them a hot cup of coffee in between online for their dedicated efforts,. I know kids too have done a lot but they got justice for their efforts. Even Std II team is encouraging kids so much to present their science projects in an innovative way. Not once have you and your teachers disappointed us in this entire unusual tough time, given the best possible.....Incredible job! Thank you and please convey my appreciation to each one of them. ​

    Aarti patil Parent
  • Dear Ma’am, This is Aarya Deshmukh's mom. She studies in 5C.I just wanted to spare a moment to say Thank you for the amazing efforts that VPMS has been taking. The art driven activity was so fascinating that Aarya has now started making Saura Paintings. Few of them are included in her project work as well. We, as parents too get to learn. ​ This is an immense contribution that the hard working teachers have in our kids life and would want to acknowledge your efforts truly. Aarya would surely show her paintings during your sessions. ​

    Aarty Deshmukh Parent
  • Dear Jyothi Ma'am, It was wonderful speaking with you today. Thank you so much for the way you have been educating the children, and the entire VPMS team for their relentless efforts in enhancing the learning experience for children, in spite of the prevailing crisis. Once again, thank you so much for your encouragement. ​

    Manish Grampurohit Father of Kaveri Grampurohit
  • Dear Ma'am, I am highly impressed by the way you have broken down the topics in sub-topics which simplifies the content for the children. The sequence and the flow of the content in the pdf makes it easier to understand, there are also some examples included in the ppt which are not from the textbook. I want to let you know that I appreciate your efforts. ​

    Shweta Ranade Parineeta's mother
  • Dear teacher Neha, Thank you so much for sharing this video with us. Its truly incredible to get it done perfectly by small kids and that to online. I totally believe that its all your efforts and credit to get it done so beautifully. Congratulations to you and your team ma’am. Also all the kids have done a great job! Congratulations to all the little champs and to their families!! Once again heartiest congratulations to you and your team and Happy New Year to entire VPMS family!! Thanks and Regards Manasi Bagewadikar Pavgi

    Manasi Bagewadikar Pavgi
  • Dear Neha Ma’am, Thank you so much for your special note, that would certainly encourage and inspire every kid and parent participated!! I would like to mention that you've undertaken up a humongous objective with various tasks right from visualizing, planning, coordinating, providing directions/guidance, getting them corrected and finally compiling everything together... and you've done an outstanding contribution...The video you've compiled says it all !!! : ) We really respect and fully appreciate all your meticulous efforts throughout which resulted in this beautiful video. Best regards, P/O Ijay

    P/O Ijay
  • Gargi and Nitin Ritika,s Parents

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