Since the year 2017, VPMS Pune has been sending groups of students to France for a fully reciprocal, linguistic and cultural exchange program. These exchanges are being conducted in collaboration with AADI, a non-profit organisation based in Brittany, France. One of the aims of this organisation is to establish and deepen the links between India and the region of Brittany. AADI also seeks to propagate a better and more up to date perception of India among the local population.
The first group of students from France visited us in November 2017. The next group arrived in November 2018 and the third group in January 2019. Each group was hosted by students of different classes.
These visits were reciprocated when our students visited France and stayed with families there. They also got the opportunity to spend a couple of days in Paris and see some of its best-known landmarks. Such exchanges have proved to be an enriching, life-changing experience for all participants.
They were immersed in the culture and lifestyle of the host family as well as their country and when they left, they carried with them lasting memories of their stay. The families in France have been overwhelmed by the hospitality, the affection and the warmth shown to their children during the visit and have made every attempt to reciprocate in full measure. Our students have also benefitted immensely from the exposure to a language and culture that they have only seen in their text books. All in all, these exchange programs are richly rewarding for both sides and in the process (as one parent put it) “we have created young ambassadors for our country”.

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