Report of Club Activity
Handicraft Club
February 2023

Name of the Activity: -Fridge Magnet Planter
Number of Students Present: – 13
Date: -Saturday 25 th February 2023

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

The Handicraft Club of VPMS Pune organized its final activity of this academic year on 25th February 2023. The activity was about creating a “Fridge Magnet Planter,” which was attended by enthusiastic students.

The event started with the students gathering in the Art Room and marking their attendance. The club coordinator gave the instructions for the activity and explained the steps to make the Fridge Magnet Planter. The students were provided with all the required materials.

The craft activity began, and the students were engrossed in creating their Fridge Magnet Planters. After a while, a break was announced at 9:30 am to allow the students to refresh themselves. The activity resumed at 9:45 am, and the students continued with their craftwork.

Once the craft activity was completed, the students cleaned up the Art Room, and the finished Fridge Magnet Planters were displayed. The students were excited to see the outcome of their hard work and creativity.

A feedback session was conducted, where the students shared their experiences and thoughts about the activity. They appreciated the club’s  efforts and expressed their desire to participate in such activities again in the future.

Finally, the handicraft club coordinator announced the conclusion of the club activities for the academic year. The students were thanked for actively participating and contributing to the club’s success.

In conclusion, the Fridge Magnet Planter activity organized by the handicraft club of VPMS Pune was a fun and engaging event that allowed students to showcase their ingenuity and talent. The club’s efforts to organize such activities were appreciated by the students, who enjoyed being a part of the club and learning new skills. The event provided a platform for the students to explore their resourcefulness and think out of the box, which will benefit them in their future endeavors.

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