Art Integrated EVS Remedial Programme (Upper Primary Section)

The fusion of performing art and science is a harmonious dance of creativity
and knowledge, where every step leads to a leap in understanding.

Environmental Science is crucial in developing a scientific temperament and in
fostering environmental awareness among students. However, in a
heterogeneous classroom setting, one often comes across students who struggle
to comprehend concepts, inspite of the varied resources used to impart the
necessary information. To address this challenge, an art – integrated remedial
programme was planned for the students of the Upper Primary Section. This
was a part of the Fulbright Alumni Fellowship awarded to Dr Ajay Joshi for the
year 2023 titled: ‘The Science and Arts Nexus Exploring Art Intervention in
Classroom Pedagogy.’
The remedial programme used ‘Art’ as a medium to ease off difficulties in
understanding topics which were identified by Dr Joshi after going through the
textbooks of Std 4 and 5. He also went through the detailed lesson planning
shared by the respective subject teachers. A programme time-table with tri-
weekly sessions spanning across three months, starting from mid-June to mid-
September was planned. Before the commencement of the remedial programme
a detailed orientation session was also held for the parents of students with
academic challenges.
The sessions were conducted by experts from the field of theatre and dance
under the guidance of Dr Ajay Joshi and the EVS subject teachers for the Upper
Primary Section.
The Std 4 sessions were conducted by Ms Purva Deshpande. Being a trained
Kathak dancer and a Dance Movement Therapy Practitioner herself, Ms Purva
was successful in presenting the topic, ‘Digestion of Food’ through a well-
choreographed piece. This innovative and engaging approach helped students to
grasp the process of digestion better.

The sessions for Std 5 were conducted by Mr Nikhil Gadgil, a renowned
Theatre Practitioner and Ms Hardika Phadke, a trained Bharatnatyam Dancer.
Working as a team, they effectively set up a short skit accompanied with some
foot-tapping dance moves to present, ‘Longitudes, Latitudes and Eclipses’.
After weeks of training, the students were ready for their first performance
which was in front of their parents and peers. Their performance was well-
appreciated by their parents and guardians.
Finally it was time for them to perform in front of a host of dignitaries and
educators during a two-day Seminar on the 15 th and 16 th of September at the
Interdisciplinary School of Science in the Savitribhai Phule Pune University.
The event had our respected Principal, Ms Mrinalini as the Chief Guest.
The art-integrated EVS remedial programme proved to be an effective way to
bridge the gap in understanding for students with academic challenges and also
made EVS more appealing for them.

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