Gourmet Central :

– To understand what food our body needs to maintain optimal health.
-To understand how to make a recipes healthier with nutritious contents.
-To know how to substitute junk food with a balanced diet.
-To know how to combine different local ingredients in one dish to make it tasty and healthy.


Paper weaving mat is a craft in which thin strips or sheets of paper are woven together to create textured, durable, and colourful new creations. To make the students aware about the Paper Weaving Art, an activity was conducted on Saturday,27 th Aug 2022.


Name of the Activity : History Trail – Trip to Zapurza Museum of Art and Culture.
Objective of the Activity : To enable students to understand and appreciate the remarkable history and culture of our country and its rich heritage.

T3 Club

Visit to Sinhgad

Level 1: a)Robotic pencil sharpener and Hydraulic lifter(individual-take home)
Level 2: a) JCB hydraulic arm and(individual-take home) Automatic street light system (only explained)
Level 3: a) Touch free sanitizer dispenser using IR sensor (individual take home)

Little Chefs

Wheaty wraps & hoagies

 Trying their hands with ORIGAMI-Getting ready to cook with MASTER CHEF’S CAP
 Washing and cleaning of veggies.
 Presentation of Frankie and Hoagies using smart boards.CLUB ACTIVITIES: AUGUST

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